My copy of PP looks different to others

I seem to have a different version to other people that I have watched playing on YT…

Others can rename and change the look of their toons - I can only change names.
Others can travel over multiple waypoints on the geographic map, going outside of their movement circle - I cannot
Others can move their toons from the transports to the base directly from the transport (via a dropdown) - mine is an icon on the far right of the screen

Are there multiple builds out there? Maybe I need to patch mine to the latest release? Did they spend more and get upgraded versions?

Are you sure that you downloaded and installed Phoenix Point? Not the Phoenix Point backer build. And yes, the build is still in every backer’s library and can be installed :slight_smile:

Oki, this prompted me to go in search of it again and found I could DL the main game (D’Oh)