Modding accessibility


As has been said many times:

Modding support will be added into the game, post launch. The depth of the support was, at last update, still to be determined, but it’ll be there



Oh, I know it’s been said before, and I don’t doubt that it will be added, when it’s time, Kings_Rook. I only wish to add my vocal support to this post, because modding support is such an important thing, for me personally.

I just want the Devs to know that I’m very much in support of them adding it, so that they know that their hard work will still be appreciated! Phoenix Point is already a really good game, that’s only getting better and better—and I want the people in charge of making it, to know that I have their back, as their customer and their fan, every step of the way.

I know the kinds of hours that programmers work, and the efforts that they put into a game like this one, and I think they deserve that!



I too want to add my vocal support for modding.
Would be cool if it’s pretty extensive too, ofcourse. But I do realize it might be too big of an ask.
For example: I would like to see mods for havens. Say you could mod a custom havens, % of spawning and a limit to how many on the world map. Maybe you want to make a haven with custom attributes and haven leader, with specific dialog or something. Good oppertunity to implement some lore flavor, or perhaps an incentive for streamer audiences.

I’d love to have Mechs in the game, but not as the one planned for NJ, more in the line of ED-209 from Robocop. With reserchable weapons and atributes and stuff, and the ability to equip different loadouts on it with gear specific for the mech.
It could be initially piloted remotley by an engineer, costing a turn, and then later the posibility to research AI for it through faction support, making it controllable without a pilot. Make it 1x2 or 2x2 tiles big and really expensive to use to balance it perhaps…
Would be really cool for base defence or raids.

Say you could mod in access to these through getting contact to a specific haven, whom has survived thanks to these mechs protecting their haven.

Also if you could mod in random encouters. Maybe on a supply run or what ever, you could set it up so there is a chance to encounter a band of surviving badasses. Perhaps ex ragers or whatever. Whom though friendly, you don’t controll during the fight. Afterwards they might join you.
It’d be cool if you could set up what they are equiped with, stats if that’s a thing, and names / models.

And also to mod in weapons.

As the game is not yet finished many of these ideas might be totally off, but still. Cool stuff could be added if you’d ever find something lacking.

Just some thoughts. I’m confindet it’s gonna be as good of a game as it can be either way.



I really dont find myself buying anymore games without at least some basic mode support (maybe easily aditable xml files, or anything “like this”).

We are in 2019, mods today can make a crappy game playable (Fireaxis X-Com 2 to me is VERY crappy, eye-candy game, that some mods can make playable)

Dont like the way they made the classes? (like X-Com classes) someone release a new class pack with 8 instead of 4 classes (FX-Com 1). Dont like melee weapon balance? Someone change the stats or easily make new ones.

When i stumbled uppon Community X-Com (1994 one) and saw how easily it was to mod it game engine and even create entire NEW game mechanics (i made some tries to revamp the melee functions and despite being a LOT of work, it was INCREDIBLE EASY) i really cant see myself swallowing this “shallow excuses” to not give at least some degree of mod support to a game.

Even great games become much greater with mods.

One example: Kerbal Space Program. Awesome on its own right, and rock hard, one of the best games ever created when modded (life support, better aerodynamics, and the like), and it become adamantium hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Editable xml files are LIFE in this kind of game (with stats, tech trees, ability trees…)



Mod support is planned for after launch. I wouldn’t say “we don’t want to spend the time or money to make it happen before the game is done” to be a shallow excuse… It’s just be careful with resources. They wouldn’t want to release the game to be crappy just so modders can make it good after the fact. They are, after all, a new studio, and this is their first game. Reputation means a lot in gaming, so it behooves them to do everything they can to knock it out of the park.



This is not their first game. see the Chaos Reborn section of the forum



Problem is, best modding support is that where it was taken into consideration during developement.
For example, look at Skyrim.

Greatly moddable. However, skill trees are fixed, and its almost impossible to create new ones, and different mods often collide and crash.

If they simply changed way skill trees are allocated, players could create tons of new mods.

Real modding support isn’t just dev kits.

It’s thinking in advance and leaving loose ends for modders to grapple on.



I have no idea how I spaced that. I own the damn thing, lol. First original game, I guess?



Given that Chaos is also one of Julian’s games, I don’t think that fits either, but we are now going off topic.

As for being on topic, we will find out in due course



yeah like immortality, that’d be a good mod :slight_smile:



iddqd, the old dos favorite.



I would definitely like to mess with maps and create some levels. If that would be moddable of course.