Modding accessibility


As has been said many times:

Modding support will be added into the game, post launch. The depth of the support was, at last update, still to be determined, but it’ll be there


Oh, I know it’s been said before, and I don’t doubt that it will be added, when it’s time, Kings_Rook. I only wish to add my vocal support to this post, because modding support is such an important thing, for me personally.

I just want the Devs to know that I’m very much in support of them adding it, so that they know that their hard work will still be appreciated! Phoenix Point is already a really good game, that’s only getting better and better—and I want the people in charge of making it, to know that I have their back, as their customer and their fan, every step of the way.

I know the kinds of hours that programmers work, and the efforts that they put into a game like this one, and I think they deserve that!