Mid mission air drops idea

I think it’d be a cool feature if on missions (where it would be possible) if Phoenix Point could request air drops mid mission.

The air drops could be weapons, ammo or medical drops maybe even allow for a vehicle or an extra soldier. To balance it it could be coded that you start off a mission with 3 air drop points (from here I’ll refer to these as ADP).

So either through a specific class (a communication expert) or maybe a terminal found on the map the player can request an air drop. Then what they want requires a certain amount of ADP.

Vehicle = 3 ADP
Reinforcement = 2 ADP
Weapon = 2 ADP
Medical = 1 ADP
Ammo = 1 ADP

Would something like this be possible? Would it be broken? What do you think of the idea? Any issues or suggestions to make the idea better?


I think for this to have a hope of being balanced, it would have to cost real resources, have a delay and require you to capture a point.

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In the demo, one of the side objectives is to capture a comm tower, though all we get is some willpower. It might be nice to have an airdrop as a reward on top of that too :smiley:

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Some in mission reward system would be really nice. While it can be countered with some form of alien reinforcement coming at distant point of map (unlike Enemy Within alien teleporting in). That would add more dynamics while not ruining the game.

Ammo could bring a crab mutated, mid reward some better alien and vehicle … well you do deserve queen spider like mutated boss :wink: After all, you wanted it!

A capture like mission goals or saving civilians could have a small reward (ammo mostly, weapon rarely, new weapon most rarely) without aliens coming in.

Sounds nice. But we would need to have some additional machines except dropship to make those drops, which would cost fuel and probably some resources. And question is if whole mission don’t take less time than duration of flight required for this additional air transport to get to the mission site? :slight_smile: Missions are quick tactical encounters and not long strategic battles like in strategic games.


I can almost remember something about that from last year. I don’t collect notes, so it’s all very unclear to me.

Here it is! An old interview about deck buiding tactical cards.

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Dated June 2016. Those concepts could have changed. :wink:

Yes. Very much so. It might all be in the will point system. But if you were to have something like an air drop, reinforcement or air strike, it would fit within the card system mentioned in the old interview.