Love the new Diplomacy

I just wanted to say I LOVE the new diplomacy. Until recently, it was most efficient to steal aircraft and do the raid missions. It always seemed that resources were way too plentiful, but now I see that the game was balanced around needing to manufacture your own aircraft. This significantly changes the game for the better.

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Indeed, I just came back to the game and was happily surprised to see that stealing an aircraft came with a huge loss of reputation towards the faction. I think it is a great change that will prevent doing this as often as it was done.
I saw some videos where the guy stole lots of aircrafts to have multiple teams and gather resources for the LotA weapons, just because it was very easy to recover from the loss of reputation. Now it won’t be as easy to do.


Used to be able to steal EVERY aircraft across the whole planet. It was super easy to do.

Hey @pantolomin, good to see you back :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to still see same old name tags on here :slight_smile: I tried every DLC release, and I think this one is the best, albeit more so due to the patch than the DLC itself.

This patch/DLC is for sure the best until far.

Finally diplomacy has improved and it is not possible anymore to abuse of other human faction attacks.

Hey Panto! Good to see you again.
I still miss ‘RF a la Carte…’

Yeah, I’ll try to check my code and make it work again. I just need to play a bit more to have some saves that I can reload to check the behaviors (and motivate myself with a game that is not mod friendly).

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Talking about this to Mad the Modder (who incorporated as much of your old code as he could into his Assorted Adjustments), he tells me that it’s very difficult to get the Crabbies to RF the old way cos the code is such a mess.

So much as I would love the option to reset to the original RF, don’t kill yourself over it. I suspect I’m in a minority of 1 :relaxed:

This mod didn’t have a lot of success on Nexus indeed. The one authorizing 3 mutated parts was the one having the most success.

Yea, the one which made the game harder wasn’t as popular as the one which made the game easier.
Who’d’a thunk it, eh? :joy:

Because people like easy way. :wink: But Mike is the minority of 3. :wink:

This week-end, I’m in a mood to code so I’ll check that. But if it’s even messier than before it might take a while. Already updated the “pp-full-mutation” mod.

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I like the increase in rep drops, i even think it could be more for some actions like stealing a plane. But i dont like the global cooldown on attacks. I know it was broken before and there was too easy to compensate rep losses but it was somewhat fun to wage a war agains some faction. Now its kinda boring.

I’d change the alert system a little, make the attack cd local for attacked haven and all faction havens within its range. It should trigger just from one attack and increase global alert. The global alertness would still increase the mission threat and in addition it may increase the rep drop from any other hostile actions while its active. Frequent attacks will quickly lead to war with no way back. And if you dont want a war you will still be restricted to one hostile action in ~3 days or so just like now.

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Same, I don’t really understand why limit now that the reputation hit is higher. I haven’t tried to hit more than once each faction, but I guess that if you accept to go to war with a faction then so be it (for the good of humanity).
I guess they thought that even with the bigger reputation drop people would still go for it and they didn’t want to make this kind of gameplay possible. I saw a (very good) video of a guy about how game developers try to push players towards a certain gameplay (like XCom meld canisters that are some kind of soft timer to prevent the player from playing too cautiously). Not being able to trade with a faction is already annoying enough to prevent it from my point of view.

I haven’t played the new update yet, so i don’t know how exactly the loss of reputation mechanics works.

That said, did the developers also toned down the toughness level of Pandoran aircrafts?
As spamming aircraft was the only way to counter them especially when the Abattoir were showing up on a regular basis.

No. They are still the same. But they need to be tough.