Localization : how to get the right localization

Hi there,

Just got Phoenix Point on Epic Game with a redeem code. Great, BUT … I got an English version of the game. Not a big deal, as I’m English-compatible :slight_smile:
Thing is … I’m actually French. And I like reading French in my games. So I looked forward to finding some French-localized version to replace my own version, without success.

Question is: is there a way to re-localize my game from English to French?

P.S.: don’t know if it is actually a “bug”, but I could not find another compatible category …

Head into the game options, select “interface” from the list on the left, then you should see “language” on the right, just above “subtitles”.

You can change the game to French there, which will localise the text. Phoenix Point audio is English only.