Living weapons pack

How do you get the Living Weapons pack? It is not available at Epic Games or Steam websites.

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Don’t bother; the weapons are lame.

I only bought it because I just wanted to support the devs.

Living Weapons pack comes with the “Year One” edition, which is the only version of PP available for sale one Epic, Steam and GoG. If you happen to own PP on Epic but not own Living Weapons pack (bought the base game before platform wide December release), there is an upgrade to Year1 edition that you can buy.

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It is not possible for me … see below - nicht verfügbar = not available
I own vanilla + season pass (germany)
And it is now even more expensive as it was last year (I think it was 5-6 €)

I checked it myself (owning vanilla and season pass on Epic from crowdfunding - Year1 on GOG) - can’t upgrade either. Even so, upgrade to Year1 is a great deal for those not owning season pass DLCs, but it’s overpaying for what was a minor £2 DLC. Uh, Snapshot needs to sort this thing out.

I think ideally, they should just award Year1 Edition to those who own vanilla+season pass. I don’t know how logistics for it work, though.

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The armor is great. The AR is pretty accurate, good for a single assault who separates from the group. The heavy is great for stacking poison on the final boss. Overall i think it’s worth it.