Leveling up doesn't seem to change accuracy etc

I just leveled up a heavy from I to II. Going places. I picked the level I perk heavy weapons specialist because it added accuracy. Only it didn’t. Am I missing something (no pun intended)? The other benefits which I don’t recall as I type didn’t seem to apply either.

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Leveling up doesn’t improve accuracy on its own, but your guy came with the Strongman perk, which you paid for. It does add accuracy (as in the aiming reticle when wielding heavy weapons is smaller), but it doesn’t show in the character sheet.

Edit: similar with the +2 strength bonus that this perk carries; you can’t see it on the character sheet in geoscape, but it does work in tactical.

Thanks v much. Let me see though, I may not have understood. The Strongman perk is offered to a character who already has it? Is that what your first point suggests? If so, er, perhaps that needs changing because it’s far from obvious. Because I also bought the Sniperist perk for my sniper. And secondly, so it is there but you can’t see it in the character sheet… Interesting because generally a pretty transparent game with the mechanics but this seems a bit cockamamy to me. If something’s there then surely in the character sheet too, no? Maybe this is more difficult to do than I understand.

Sorry, I probably made it sound more difficult than it is…

Each operative comes with 3 random perks randomly assigned to one of the 7 levels, and that can be bought for 25 Skill Points once the operative reaches that level. So any operative (regardless of class) can come with Strongman or Sniperist or both.

You can see everything there is to it here


Thanks. So I think my original post remains true? I bought Strongman for a heavy but didn’t see anything on the character sheet change because it doesn’t register on the character sheet, even if it does register in the tactical action. Right? Which is odd, so might not be correct. Or is odd, so might need fixing. Puzzled still. Thanks for your patience.

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“Odd and might need fixing” characterizes PP pretty well.


The point with Strongman is that the 20% accuracy boost is ONLY for heavy weapons and so it is not shown in the character sheet as it would imply 20% acc boost in general. It is the same with Trooper for assault rifles and all the other perks that give accuracy boost only for specific weapons.

The strength boost is a different case and should be shown because it IS a general boost. This was reported several times, so the devs should be aware, but their fixing list seems to be veeeeery long :wink:

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Aha. Clarity. Thanks v much.

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