Just to give everyone a good laugh


That was pretty crazy. Surprised to see so many arthrons on the field yet no shielded or heavily armored parts. Here lately the only weak parts my assaults can find on them are the left arm, but that’s curled up under the shield so not getting in any one shot kills with shotguns. My best luck was when i had 17 infiltrators to put down on one map, though i certainly didn’t do that in one round… Is neat to see what an assault/heavy can pull off with the right luck on mob spawns.

Pulled one of these for the first time tonight with a single Assault/Infiltrator. Final tally for the streak was I believe 2 tritons, 3 Arthrons, 2 Sirens, a reload, and sill had 2AP to drop a Rally at the end. Cleared the whole rear left corner of the district.