Just started retail product, can't enter Scarab using Xbox controller

As the topic implies, I just started a brand-spanking-new game in the Retail version, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to enter the Scarab using a controller.

The button layout also doesn’t match reality - it looks like I SHOULD be able to use RB to select an action from the available bar, but it seems to just cycle character selection in the opposite direction. Any ideas?

EDIT: In the 2nd mission of the tutorial, I can’t use the Heavy’s Jump Jet ability, as seen here:


I have to reach over and click any options that don’t have a button label with my mouse.

Use RT on the controller, and then press left or right to cycle to the desired action to use, and press A to select. It works, but is a bit clunky admitted

Sure enough! Thanks!