Crabmen upgraded guns are OP

The ones that deal 50 damage per shot for 6 shot bursts, have armour stripping and always have return fire.

Also I don’t want people to be like “yeah, but if you shoot them from 100 miles away it doesn’t matter.” because most of the guys you’re given aren’t snipers and the grenades for the heavy launcher that has a long ark are really freaking expensive.

The majority of everyone’s teams, at least at the start and if you hire whoever you come across, end up being assault units. We’ve all established by now that their guns are crap and need to be point blank range to hit a select unarmoured body part with the full magazine to do any real damage. So naturally they get destroyed by return fire when the enemy have these guns.

Not only that but these crabmen can destroy objectives and crates really easily. Just had a turn where a group of 2 crabmen destroyed 3 objectives in a haven defence. We should really be given a chance to defend them.

Honestly, wouldn’t even mind so much if we could research their upgraded guns and get an upgrade to our own assault unit guns. For some reason though we can’t do that.
I don’t know if there’s any more upgrades after that one but despite all the mistakes with balance the devs have made so far I refuse to believe they’re that out of touch with their own game.


While crab machineguns are better than any human tech (why?..) you don’t actually have to throw newbies at them at any point past few early days.
If you rush build training facilities at your base and recruit early, by the time you have craft and equipment for 2nd team, they’ll all be level 7.

Assault/Heavy, Assault/Sniper, Heavy/Sniper - all 3 combos are useful. Or Assault + any advanced class.
Just don’t try building pure Assaults, since this would leave them without a way to handle armor.

I recently put a topic up in general asking how the enemies progressed. Turns out it’s based on how much you damage them and the number of missions you complete rather than in-game time. Which is straight up stupid.

It means that if you rush to do a lot of missions, whether that’s gathering resources, faction missions or nests and lairs, the enemies will get upgraded sooner. So actually I’m barely past level 4 with most of my first team and I’m facing armoured arms, medium legs, tough chests and carapace with these guns.

So if you actually try to hurry to save humanity then you get screwed over because the enemies get their upgrades sooner while you’re less prepared.
So basically, I’m still stuck with assaults because I have plans to multiclass them into specific things but haven’t unlocked those yet because I’m right at the start of the game basically.

I also played as active as possible, with 2 factions past 2nd quest and first team getting to level 7 by about day 20 (hero difficulty).
First team should level quickly enough, unless you try to reserve them for advanced classes.
Then again, if you started using 2-3 teams early, instead of keeping them in training facility, then I see how you could run into a problem.

I’m still only using one team. Plus, faction rep is pretty much down to luck. Either through events or invasions, and you have to hope you’re near enough to the invasion site to go help them.

Plus there is some RNG involved in what upgrades the enemies get.

No idea how you got to level 7 so quickly. Unless you’re talking about BB6 instead of the current version. I got to level 7 really quickly in that build.

It’s mostly about how you share “last hits” on ennemies.
Try to share evenly the kills with the squads. Once a guy go lvl 7, try as much as possible to use him for damage without killing, and une the ones that need xp to finish ennemi off.
Also, from lvl 4 you can multiclass so you can basicaly have as much sniper as you want for taking gatlingers away at no cost. (or anyway their arm). They have at most 60 hp +30 armor, meaning even a base sniper will ever one shot the gatling arm.

Are you sure that’s how the exp distribution works? Cause I was trying to do that but noticed that the ones I gave the last hit to didn’t get all that much exp. I figured you got exp proportional to the damage done, rather than to final shots.

I’m almost sure of it, it’s how i leveled my guys, and i had my first 2 sniper lvl 7 around week 3 without much effort with 4 other guys of the team being lvl 5-6 ^^

It may be cause sniper do higher overall damage in game though, hard to be sure of this :o

i think the stat of that weapons are fine save for the shreddind since PP has no armor improvement. but what makes me mad like hell is the frigging spread on that weapon wich is 0, it can be fire by 2 kilometer and you are behind a full cover frontal position and you get all 6 shot from the salvo,it’s just dumb.

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I think that’s a bug. Lots of people have been complaining about that but the weapon is supposed to have an effective range of 14 I think. In my game they do miss a lot.

I can’t agree that they’re balanced. 50 damage per shot for 300 damage total is ridiculous. If we got guns like that for our assault units and could have teams of 12-20 units then it’d be an easy game. The enemy get all of that and people are only winning because of OP combos like sniper/heavy barrage and armour stripping heavy/berzerker combo.