Is this combo too powerful?

I have considered interesting to have some powerful infiltrator in my team.

I have created:

  • Assault
  • Infiltrator
  • Melee synedrion augmented torso
  • Shadowstep synedrion legs
  • Infiltrator head armor
  • Weapons: Scyther, Shard gun (close combat ability), Crystal Crossbow

Together with frenzy state and maxed speed and willpoints it is absolutely unbeatable combo, even better than tech-assault.
See this video:

Nice to see such massacre :slight_smile: Even it looks trully OP, knowing how many missions, resources and planning takes to creates such a beats, makes it rewarding :slight_smile:

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But the technicians with all the anti-skylla turrets came there for nothing. At least they were healing later with their mech-arms.

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It is. Along with other combos. We try to limit such combinations, or at least leave them as option normally not available in the game. Let’s hope that devs will hear us.