Is this combo too powerful?

I have considered interesting to have some powerful infiltrator in my team.

I have created:

  • Assault
  • Infiltrator
  • Melee synedrion augmented torso
  • Shadowstep synedrion legs
  • Infiltrator head armor
  • Weapons: Scyther, Shard gun (close combat ability), Crystal Crossbow

Together with frenzy state and maxed speed and willpoints it is absolutely unbeatable combo, even better than tech-assault.
See this video:


Nice to see such massacre :slight_smile: Even it looks trully OP, knowing how many missions, resources and planning takes to creates such a beats, makes it rewarding :slight_smile:

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But the technicians with all the anti-skylla turrets came there for nothing. At least they were healing later with their mech-arms.

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It is. Along with other combos. We try to limit such combinations, or at least leave them as option normally not available in the game. Let’s hope that devs will hear us.


Other combos? Like technicians and use turret? Wondering also how beserk-assault lvl7 with sniper perk and Scorpion would work.
Also this fast assault with frenzy can do any steal research Anu mission in just one turn regardless on how the map is generated.


Its perfect illustration maps and missions are often built for half rookie squad and game does not take into account you are having “super duper squad”. That produces the OP too easy feeling. If same missions were played by e.g. lv3-4 squad, they would be way more difficult.

That is why game needs more “evolving difficulty”


… or lesser evolving OPnes of own troops :wink:

I would prefer the latter rather than an overwhelming arms race :slight_smile:


It is not my wish to mention any combination of overpowered skills. :slight_smile:


Lol hilarious.

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