Is or will some kind of developer diary be available?

This is the first time I encounter a game which is actively developed / modified (beside bugfixes) after it’s inital release and with a lot of opinions collected from the community. It would be interesting to read how all the development process has been conducted over the years / releases.

Is there anything already available or that will be published in the near future?

on their main site there were some dev diaries… or it was in the newsletter sent by e-mail

Here is the page link: Phoenix Point

And here posts tagged as developer diaries: developer diary — Development Updates — Phoenix Point

They are technical focused posts about programming in Unity engine so I am not sure if that is what you were asking for.

Valygar, I don’t know if that’s intended or due to the fact that it auto-detects my country (Italy), but your first link brings me to the PP home with general infos about the game (reviews, link to the store, etc).

About the blog entries, well, not exactly: since this is the first crowdsourced game I came across, I’m curious about how all the community-provided ideas, reviews, etc entered the development process, even after the game has seen it’s first release. Much like a story around the whole production process, I don’t know to explain it better, but not something technical about programming, so to speak.

Oh, I found how these things are called: Post mortems => 10 seminal game postmortems every developer should read

There, I’m looking for something along those lines - of course, it may be too early now.