Is it ok to submit more than one report for the same bug?

Minutes ago I submited my second report for the Pandoran Activity freeze bug. Then I felt like I was spamming the devs. This is a well known bug that a lot of people reported already.

On the other hand, I felt that by submitting a new report through the built-in tool, I was providing devs with more data, like my save file and logs that the bug report tool packs within the report it sends.

What is recommended on a situation like this? One report per bug is enough per user? We should send repeated reports to provide more data about the bug for the devs?

To my mind it is a judgement call on the part of the people submitting the bugs. That said I’m of the opinion is better for them to receive many reports of the same bug than too few. I mean there are/were several reasons for the Black Screen bug

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I think the more data they have the better.

Also, from a purely selfish pov, the more they get bugged about a bug, the more likely they are to fix it - though the downside of that pov is that they might just start ignoring anything you send. :thinking:

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It really does come down to personal judgement. I submitted two reports on the endless turn bug but only because it was caused by two unrelated reasons from my perspective.

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In-game bug reports also send game-state data to help us see the cause of the issue. So multiple reports are fine as more data is better.

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As someone who is a software developer in their day job, I would say that you should submit one report per time you run into a bug, within reason.

If you’re running into a bug every ten minutes? Then a few reports for the first day, followed by one report a day for the next week, then a report every few days.

After that, if it’s a game breaking bug, assume that they don’t intend to fix the problem, and stop bothering to report it – or play the game.

If you get a response that calls you a troll, give up right then.