I'd like a skirmish tactical mode

It would be so nice to have a skirmish mode:

  • This mode would be unlocked once you finish the game
  • Only the classes that you unlocked during a play-through would be available
    • Not Tobias West or the Exalted
  • Only the technology that you have researched would be available
    • You never researched “Advanced Acid Technology”, no Jormungandr
  • You could play as the Pandorans
    • only the mutations that you faced
    • not Yuggothian Receptacle of course

Choose the map.

Choose which faction to play:

  • PP -> all human classes
  • NJ -> only NJ classes
  • Anu -> only Anu classes
  • Syn -> only Syn classes
  • Pandorans -> you got it

Choose the opposing faction played by the AI (or a human) and the difficulty level. A masochist level for the hardcore players (not me).

Select soldiers in your team with their abilities and skills (no extra skills).
It would be very important to create soldier templates to not redo the soldiers every time. Those soldiers could be used by the AI for the opposing faction.

It would make it possible to test soldier builds, try grenades, find new tactics.

And yes, it’s kind of a multiplayer except that you don’t play over the network but on you computer with someone else or the AI. Network management could come later … or never.


(Just a side note: modes like this already have a term and they’re usualy called “Skirmish” in other games. Also: you have my axe)

You’re right, I had the wrong term. I updated the thread title.

Ultimate Space Commado has something quite similar, but not allowing play aliens and there’s no factions. It’s a bit long to setup a full squad so the game allows save setup. The campaign is hard at Normal, but those skirmish are even a lot harder. Among the setup there’s various terrain parameters and aliens parameters.

Add Bandit/Thug/Rebel faction that player can be mixed for all classes of the faction, including map editor :grimacing:.

As for the multiplayer, I want to see a PvP combat or clan wars. Having own design of a clan emblem that can be put into squad would be cool too. Heroes & Generals has a good for reference (it’s FPS and strategy game), while each player faction try to dominate a haven, the AI of each faction also working to capture each haven in the background. But yea having ‘clan wars’ it could be another horrendous balance issue :rofl:, the problem player will choose which faction that more powerful than others…basically it force player not to be lonewolf to win a haven :sweat_smile:.

Yeah, I’d like something like this too.

Even better if you could make and share maps and scenarios.

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