I resign till next stability patch

It’s just a microcontrol for mana. Ok, here is my tactics:
First, 1 scout find largest alien spawns.
Second, 1 Fury-rocketeer destroy it and give incredible boost of mana to all team, and drown all shooting aliens in bloody panic.
Third, 1 death-reaper with ‘rapid clearance’ and ‘mercy’ destroys everything else. 1 turn completely enough.
If I got bad luck and crooked hands, I use second triple.
But usually scout and reaper from first triple have enough income of AP from oneshot-kills, for paralize 6-8 small aliens or couple of large, between killing in close range. And I need no save-loads usually, because it’s too long and unstable.
Generally, I overlooked a few abuses from crookedly made spells, but I do not want to tell them while negative bugs remain - otherwise, how will I survive through constant friezes? :slight_smile:

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