How Phoenix Point works on Windows 11

Has anyone experience how is Phoenix Point working on new Windows installment? Are there any problems or everything is fine?

I wonder if I should upgrade the system but I don’t want to struggle with games

Me too.

I’m waiting for someone else to upgrade and tell me :grin:

It works. I can start a game, play few missions and so on, but I haven’t tried any longplay yet.

As for gaming in general I haven’t experienced anything severe on any game and I’ve been playing on Win11 for few months already.

Just installed win11, and all games I play worked without an issue. Didn’t try Phoenix Point though.

I haven’t heard of win11 breaking any game as of yet. As I understand it is “upgraded” version of win10. I don’t know how extensive the differences are.

I have a bit of freakout when I couldn’t launch either Doom Eternal, nor Deathloop (which are to games I have been playing recently) but it turned out to be an issue on Bethesda’s server end :sweat_smile:

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