How much does damage does the infiltrator do?

I’m finally using infiltrators and keep noticing “resisted” each time I hit an enemy, and finally someone got “dazed”.


  1. Is the effect from the crossbow or the infiltrator?
  2. How much daze damage does it do?
  3. Is the crossbow a silent weapon? Ive read some older threads about this but not sure what’s the latest update on crossbows
  1. The shock damage effect is from his skill Surprise Attack.

  2. Base damage of the weapon he uses x 3 and it has to be an attack from behind, see also link above.

  3. Yes, crossbows are the only silent weapon except generally melee attacks.
    BUT, using a non silent weapon doesn’t mean that the Infiltrator is revealed, but I assume the enemies get the detection of his position (similar to the red blips we also see when we “hear” someone nearby) and at least Tritons sometimes shoot blindly on these detections.
    Finally, the Echo Head augmentation makes all weapons silent.


Ahh didn’t even realise that! No wonder it wasn’t appearing for every shot. Thanks for clarifying!

  1. So silent = not revealed position right? Or is that different from his ‘cloaking’ unrevealed effect?

  2. I guess I don’t fully understand when he is revealed (but just that it happens - even if enemies are far away), but it doesn’t seem to have impacted me much since I just hide to break LoS.

  3. I know reveal is something to do with being stealthy, so in theory he could use a Hel 2 cannon to get a 600 daze attack while stealthed and attacking from behind?

  1. Two basic things to spotting and detection:

    1. Spotted = Revealed means he can be seen from any enemy and the ‘cloaking’ effect disappears, additionally he loses 25% stealth because his base class perk is only active when he is NOT revealed.
    2. Detected means he is NOT revealded, so no enemy can see him, but they got his position (the red blips we get).
    • → Silent weapons: the enemy can’t reveal AND detect the shooter.
    • → Non silent weapons: the enemy can’t reveal BUT he can and will decect the shooter.
  2. ‘Cloaking’ effect → he is invisible but still can be detected. So the cloaking effect is the indicator of been spotted = revealed. But there is no indicator when an Infiltrator is detected, the player only can guess it.
    Spotting is all about perception and stealth. A Triton with 60 perception can reveal an Infiltrator with 75% stealth at a distance of 15 tiles (so pretty far). Additionally there is an autoreveal at 5 tiles to make stealth with 100% not to OP.

  3. Yes and more. In fact you can get 1200 shock damage with an Hel II when he additionally has Sneak Attack, the double damage also counts for this skill. As far as I know, the damage additions from vivisections didn’t count.

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Thanks! That makes it a lot clearer - I don’t think I would’ve figured it out at all on the differences, since I’m not really playing stealthily.

But it seems like that would a cool strategy after all - will try it out.

Thanks again for the detailed explanations!

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Ok… You presented us with two situations namely Spotted/Revealed and Detected.

In my many campaigns, I seldom use Infiltrators because
a) DPS is so low for much of the campaign until Poison XBow in the late game.
b) Getting detected means enemies will gang up on him and he has to keep running not doing DPS

So how do I make infiltrator cancel the detection?
ie enemies will not be aware of my position and thus wont come after it.

Only some assumptions, because the detection mechanism is not clear for me anyway:

  • Keep distance, the closer the Infiltrator is to an enemy the higher the chance that he can hear him.
    Roughly anything under 10 tiles seems to me critical.

  • Usage of any non silent weapon will detect the shooting Infiltrator.
    The Echo Head bionic makes all weapon usage silent.

  • I’ve read somewhere that crossing doors also will end in detection.

What can help if it is clear that an Infiltrator is detected, i.e. the enemies heading in his direction or even shoot at him?

  • The usual: take cover, break line of sight.

  • Use his distraction tools, i.e. spider drones or decoy.

  • Kill em all :wink:

AFAIK there is no way to direct cancel the detection in the current turn, the only way I’m aware of is to go on distance and then the following turn the detection should be cancelled. But as said above, the whole mechanism is not clear and there is no indicator for the player if his Infiltrator is detected or not.

If Infiltrator has +100% Stealth, I assume it can only be detected within 5 squares right?
But what of Triton with double perception? Will it get detected within 10 squares?

In one mission, an Arthron rushed towards my infiltrator from far away. HOW was that possible even when NONE was in LOS to Infiltrator? It was an outdoor map so no doors/windows. Also using poison xbow so it should be completely silent.

Again, detection IS NOT revealing an invisible and stealth unit.
The 5 tiles rule is a fixed distance to reveal stealth (not vanished) Infiltrators and independent of perception, so no, double perception did not double this distance.

To your PS:
I guess if an enemy is alarmed then they actively search enemies. Maybe you simply got unlucky that the Arthron decides to search in your direction first.

For example if Infiltrator has 80% stealth, it means that his visibility is 100%-80% = 20% of normal human with 0 stealth.
Triton with 60 perception can see normal human from 60 squares distance. The Infiltrator with 80% stealth (20% visibility) will be seen from 60 * 20% = 12 squares distance.
However the unit with 100% stealth (0% visibility) will never be seen unless someone comes closer than 5 squares.

However it doesn’t explain the situation when our soldier is standing in the mist next to a Triton and still can’t see him. What about the “reveal if closer than 5 squares” rule? Doesn’t it work for Tritons?

Not with their pain chameleon ability, it works a bit similar to the vanish ability of an Infirltartor, but weaker.
I don’t know how the Tritons pain chameleon exactly works, but at least in a mist cloud it is at least very close to a vanished Infiltrator, so no 5 tiles auto reveal.

Edit, my assumption for Pain Chameleon:
Out of the mist it is similar to 100% Infiltrator with 5 tiles auto reveal, but in mist it is similar to a vanished Infiltrator, so no auto reveal at all.

It has the power to one-shot kill many of the enemies in the game!