How I learned to bend space and time at will

Two days ago I experienced a bug which replenished the pool of SP points of individual soldiers each time I circled through them in the squad’s roster. Didn’t affect the overall personnel list anyhow. I sent a ticket about it and went along with a maxed out squad (only stats, not skills which are level-dependent).

I can see now how balance shattering the different will-based abilities can become, and rather quickly if one turns all soldiers into dual-class Assault/Whatever to enjoy these sweet Exertion freebies.

I have a full team which as recently as yesterday, while not being at lvl7, was roaming around the map of a haven defense killing absolutely all enemies, opening all crates, reaching all vantage points in the space of a single turn.

Obviously there’s some form of space-time distortion going on.

Exertion, even before being combined with Rally The Troops gives every Assault the ability to bend space and time in an unnatural fashion, leaving both The Doctor and Doc Brown on the starting line having a card game with Einstein and Hawkins while the Great Old Ones are getting their collective arses kicked by a particularly vulgar rifle wielding maniac yelling “Got Time ?!”

As a possible solution I suggest moving Exertion further up in levels and/or limiting it to once per turn (as some other skills are), granting will points for reaching a vantage point only to the soldier who reached it, lowering the ceiling of the speed stat to perhaps 24.

Thank you for your time.

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hard for me to say, but I suppose that reaching 24 speed is not easy, and require neglecting other attributes and skill/perks (you would need to use 2 full levels of SP to max it out)