How do you add your name to the Roster?


Just purchased the Signature edition and was wondering how you get to add your chosen name to the Units Roster, also any limit on what your chosen name can be, for instance are silly names like P Mctities viable, or Ben Dover or even names like Adolf Hitler? <- Not that I would use that one but just testing the water.

I suppose that abusive names or names of someone real AND controvesial are prohibited. But I suppose you could use for example Chester Bennington or Salma Hayek. :wink:

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This was my first post, I’m not spamming and I did search but didn’t find it so thought I might find help here quickly, I’m not great at keywords or searching so please give me a break on those points, I created this post for some simple help, nothing more and if you want to insult me for it then you are a very big problem and a deterrent for a this game. Just wanted a straight answer, that is all.

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They haven’t sent out the email for names yet and they will be reviewing the names to try and stop such childishness. Remember that the name chosen will be in the pool of names for EVERYONE and it’s pretty [edit]ish to try and get such names into other people’s games. Use whatever you want for your own playthrough but be a decent human being and considerate of others when the time comes to submit a name that others will see/use.

Hah. Now I wonder if first name Adolf is banned. :slight_smile: Adolf Smidt for example would be allowed? Or this first name is too much associated with one person from history?

I don’t see them banning Adolf but I could see them banning the last name Hitler unless one proves that is their legitimate last name (wouldn’t be hard to check it against the credit card name).

We may just add a filter for potentially offensive names. So we could flag certain names as potentially offensive, which wouldn’t appear in the roster pool within a game unless the person playing checked a box to “opt in” to seeing those potentially offensive names

Think of it a little like a profanity filter. Even if we did do this, it still doesn’t mean we’d give a blanket pass on all offensive names.

Interesting. Is there going to be a way to add names to the name pool outside of the various pre-order backer levels? Also how would this handle things like Fuk Yu (actual Chinese name pronounced Fook Yuu though we all know what that sounds like, especially if one messes up the slight tonal differences) where the spelling isn’t likely to trigger a filter but the pronunciation of it would.

Also would there be a way to separate out blatant joke names vs legitimate names that merely seem offensive (such as the above example)? While I don’t expect you guys to have thought that much about it yet, personally I don’t mind legitimate names like Fuk Yu but wouldn’t want names like those in the OP in my game

Here’s an article about the name in question (her full name is Natalie Lung Fuk Yu) and I’m sure there’s other such names out there.

It is still something which we need to make a decision on. We do want to give people the freedom to choose which name they input. And yes, we’d also like to avoid “silly” names for the purposes of the game’s narrative (of course, a player can rename their own soldiers to whatever they want in their own game).

so would arcanum umbra count as silly as it is latin(i googled this so) for ,the secret shadow,?