HOTFIX - v. Necronomicon 1.7.1 - 09/09/2020


  • Reduced the amount of Hoplite units that will be present at ancient sites
  • Reduced the frequency of attacks contesting ancient sites
  • Reduced the requirements needed for Pandorans infused with exotic materials to appear

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a Spider Drone’s explosion radius doesn’t show the predicted damage
  • Helena’s unit model has been updated
  • Fixed an issue where Legacy of the Ancients DLC missions could sometimes replace other story missions
  • Fixed several collision issues on the new Legacy of the Ancients maps
  • Fixed an issue where the Jet Jump ability couldn’t be used if the player controlled unit was standing in an enemy’s corpse
  • Fixed an issue where allied units couldn’t move after defeating a Cyclops enemy with a melee attack
  • Several environmental objects on the new Legacy of the Ancients maps have been made destructible
  • The Rebuke and Scorpion weapons have updated visual effects in the Personnel screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Scyther weapon wasn’t being treated as a two handed weapon
  • Pandoran Reports show the correct HP amount for evolved Scylla enemies
  • Fixed an issue where a site’s exploration status wouldn’t get completed despite the UI showing it is
  • Fixed an issue where the units’ movement range UI wasn’t appearing on a specific Synedrion map
  • The Evacuate ability will now flash yellow when a vehicle is standing on an evacuation zone
  • Changed the Quick Aim ability’s text after it was activated
  • Fixed an issue where the character tooltips within the Tactical layer would sometimes show an incorrect value for a unit’s HP
  • Fixed an issue where loading a save would make level 7 units drop down to level 6
  • Fixed an issue where the flamethrower didn’t create flame tiles and had inconsistent sound effects
  • Fixed an issue where the Return Fire icon wouldn’t always appear on enemies with that ability
  • Fixed an issue where the player didn’t regain control over haven defenders after they got released from an enemy’s mind control ability
  • Made it less likely for first tier diplomacy missions to appear far away from the player’s currently explored sites
  • Fixed an issue where the Moon Launch mission wouldn’t be available if the player unlocked it at the same time as a Haven got attacked

[EDITE] Snapshot-EE very patiently helped me fix this issue … :100: :clap: :+1: :fist_right: :fist_left:

You broke the bloody game I had saved! Now I get the error message YOU NEED THE LEGACY GAME ADD ON Which I already have! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Tried clearing the Cache like tips suggest, and still no go on game! :frowning:
See the OWNED tag in the screenshot?

This is what I see when I trey to Load a Saved Game :open_mouth:

Hi there! Absolutely want to try and get to the bottom of this. Could you check this DLC off in the EGS launcher, and verify your game install?

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Verified files and here is a pic of the DLC highlighted. I was only using the Ancients for my play through.
Note: Tried turning off CLOUD SYNC and same errors come up.

To be honest, I can start a new game, but not with the Legacy of Ancients Content. And I can load and play a game made before Legacy of Ancients became available.

Hi EE, as you can readily see, there is No Check Box for Legacy anymore :’(

Always hate to ask this, but could you try uninstalling and reinstalling? We’re not sure why that would be happening. Unfortunately, it seems like a unique sitatuion. :frowning:

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Yeah EE, that’s always the last recourse. I will say that during the Update, it seemed to fail twice, before I started turning AUTO this and that off. I’ll get back to yas

Thanks for your patience

No, thank YOU. Sorry you’re having a problem, and fingers crossed it gets resolved with that course of action!!


Snapsho-EE, thank you again for the tips, suggestions and patience. You are an asset for Snapshot Games company, that should be well rewarded for all you are doing for us users… and sometimes abusers. If it helps, pass on these kudos to your boss. :clap:t2: :+1:t2:

5 Add-Ons and a Verify later … Eureka! No not the one in Oregon. Hey did we just define a new measure of time? Ticks-Between-Texts :open_mouth:

All saves restored. Game running nominally.

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Hi, is the OSX Mac version released yet?

So glad to hear that!! Hate when things get in the way between you and playing, but glad you’re finally back. Thanks for the kind words, and I hope the game continues to treat you well…until it mercilessly drops some advanced Pandoran evolutions on ya. :slight_smile:

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Yes, feel free to check out the different editions:

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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I was not clear I think. I already have the OSX Mac version and the DLCs to date. I was referring to whether the 1.7.1 hotfix has already been pushed out for the Mac version. Previously there has been some delay compared to the PC version and I don’t see any reference to the 1.7.1 hotfix in my current version (EPIC auto-updates enabled).