— Hoo, what's that smell? Just like that monst ... — Shh! Did you hear that!?

I think a great way to add immersion, tactical depth, warnings that aren’t too specific, and just something awesome, is to use not just the soldiers’ vision to communicate their experience, but also their hearing, and even sense of smell.
This seems particularly interesting in a game where fear of the unknown is a central theme, and where vision often will be impaired (mist, anyone?).
Having soldiers gradually recognize smells, and exclaim something appropriate when they do, could be cool. Doing a really simple simulation of scents hanging in the air after monsters have passed, or blowing across the terrain, slowly, or rapidly but also rapidly dissipating, doesn’t seem like an aweful lot of work.
Sound is more straightforward, as the player herself may listen to and recognise those. She would still need a visual indication of their origin, however.

Now I want the Mutog to be part of my “infiltrator-only” squad, for noticing enemies faster!

Interesting idea in theory but it might be hard to convey the intricacies of a particular smell or sound to player. Could be of course done as a text description paired with a directional marked(i.e faint acrid smell from the north-east) but I feel that this concept might just be a bit convoluted for PP. Atmospheric, sure, but it will provide only a minimal difference compared to a generic “something is there” marker, yet it’s another layer of complexity for devs to deal with.

The X-com remakes had that with hearing noises. For the longest time me and my buddy kept thinking it was some sort of hidden psionic attack XD

It may be an idea Phoenix Point adapts, but not likely in any recent Pre-Alpha release.

I loved the “wall probe” in JA (see [1])!

Imagine hearing different sounds (footsteps, breathing etc.) inside a building and you have to identify the corresponding alien creature for yourself - that would be immersive!

But I am not a fan of a visual representation of sounds (it breaks immersion), the sound itself should be a gameplay element. X-Com and TFTD had great sound design. You could hear and identify alien footsteps (or other sounds) for yourself. For example, confirm the kill of an alien hidden in the “fog of war”…

[1] "When placed against a nearby wall, the wall probe will report one of several sound tags, which indicates the presence (or lack thereof) of any individuals on the other side.

There are variants within each sound tag, but they can generally be divided into the following:

-Single Person (unaware) - faint or close footsteps, yawning, coughing, movement of furniture
-Single Person (aware) - faint or close footsteps, usually accompanied with the loading of a gun
-Multiple People (unaware) - laughing, muffled conversation, footsteps
-Multiple People (aware) - multiple loading guns, one liners such as “time to earn our paychecks!”
-World Details - these tags generally are heard on a specific day, through the first wall you listen to that has multiple people on the other side. The conversation is generally slightly muffled, but clear enough to be understood."


Something like that would be great to see (hear) in PP.