HELP - Idea to revamp WILL

(excuse my english pls)
Hi guys, so currently the biggest breaking gameplay issue is probably the Dash abuse due to Willpoint exploit. And it’s not just this one. I think that the way Will Points are currently distributed is game-breaking and will always lead to some serious exploit issues if you are able to “recharge” Will abilities during a round.

So my idea is pretty simple. The recharge of the will points happens not in the current round but at the beginning of the next round. You kill the enemy - you start the next round with more +Will Points.

I haven’t found any downside for this as it affects you the same way as the enemies. You will still be able to do combos (not the broken ones) and from the development-side, they will be able to even count on this and make some interesting usage of it. The change means the Will Points will be always capped by the actual Will Stat and spread between Actual and Next round. (At this time it’s theoretically possible to have 50 Will Points per round even tho your Will Stat is 9 - with my idea, adding points to Will matters more cause you can’t exceed your Will Stat). The only exception would be some character abilities, which add Will (for example if there is an ability Motivate, which adds 2 Will points to the entire team, this would happen instantly because it will be paid by either AP or WP of the caster).

I need your help to give me examples of where or why this wouldn’t work or promote this idea to the devs if you think it’s smart. I know it’s an idea that won’t make your game easier but I believe it may make the game more balanced and fair-play.