HD attitude change

I’ve seen HD missions that change attitude by different numbers. Is this random or some other feature is influencing it?

If I remember well the rewards are to be tied to enemy strenght?

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The ones that are lowering attitude are going up as well. Is that intended? You fight stronger pandorans, so other factions dislike you more?

Another one:

What influences how strong pandorans are in HD? Attacking strength? Threat? How are they combining together?

From what I know the threat level influences what and how much enemies are in a HD. The level is based by the pandoran base from where they attack, Nest → Lair → Citadel and also determines the starting attacking strength. But waiting that this strength is decreasing, so doing a HD in the last possible moment, does not mean that the pandorans or the defenders are weaker.

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So actual starting attacking strength is measure of the threat? Or you can have 29 strength with low threat?

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In my experience yes, I think so.

I never saw that …

Alien base determines strength of an attack, which has impact on deployment numbers aliens have on their disposal. Higher strength - more stronger enemies will show up.

Threat level shown before mission is a comparison of alien strength and your current soldier loadout. If you bring there 8 multi-class 7-level soldiers then it should be lower than 6 single-class 5-level soldiers. But I did not checked that for long time - so maybe now it works differently.

Positive attitude received from a defended faction is tied to threat level I think. And it usually is the same from what I saw.

Negative attitude from other factions is tied to their relation to defended faction. The more they hate it, the more negative attitude you receive for defending them.


To me it seems it takes account of overall numbers only, not the development level of aliens, so as they evolve even lower threat levels can be hard (unless you have super squads)

On attacking fractions its nicer to see once you raid a heaven they skyrock threat level when attacking the same (to lesser extent any other fraction heaven) so there it has more practical use. Raid one more, more forces they employ to defend - only first time are kind of caught unprepared.