Can`t leave the debriefing screen after mission

I mean the screen, where the gathered XP and SP points are shown.

The bar for quitting is there, but clicking on it has absolutely no effect.

Another game breaking bug. Did you F10 the issue?

Of course.

Same thing here. Stuck on the mission complete screen after a long mission, don’t want to replay that all over again. :sadface: Also reported the bug via F10 a few weeks ago.

The new v1.13.2 update rolled in today on Steam, but did not fix this problem.


This bug has happened to me twice, on 2 different missions - both defending Havens

I hope it can be fixed soon.


The latest Bug Fix : Hotfix V1.14.2

Still did not fix the issue…

Thing is that if the fix works backward. Or it will work only in new campaign.

I just encountered this bug today, and it seems to be universal. My 3 most recent saves I get locked on research achiement screen and/or mission debriefing screen. I try to start a new game and I cannot click out of the intro by any possible means. I am going to try uninstalling the game for now… and perhaps I will try reinstalling it at some point in the future.

Try verifying files via launcher first.

I verified them 2-3 times to no avail. That was my go-to first attempt at a fix. I have now also uninstalled and reinstalled twice. No change. Cannot continue existing save games because of it, and cannot start a new game because of it. On the off chance that it might be a driver issue, I am going to try updating every frelling driver in my entire fracking system.

EDIT: Updating all drivers (32 in all) had no effect. I am now completely out of ideas for how to approach fixing this on my own.

move save game files to other folder and turn off sync of save files in your game launcher