Gungnir SR-2 Overwatch Range Limitted

The Gungnir SR-2 has a range of 51. However, when setting up over watch, one can not extended the range beyond 10-15 tiles.


This - as of now - also appears with the other sniper rifles and sometimes assault weapons too.

Every 2nd or 3rd mission on the latest patch i have the same issue with the overwatch range being far too low than it should be. does anywone know if you can prevent this?

What time of day were the missions set?

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Range is reduced during night-time missions and in nests. Unless one has the specific mount to counter this, range is reduced.

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good points, besides the startscreen where it says if the mission is at night or day…
can you see it in tactical (never paid any attention to this)?

uhm, i never look at the startscreen, clicking too fast to start the missions, so i guess i should pay more attention

it just felt as the old gungnir-bug, started playing again, being a noob again…

Just for clarification some more details: Not the range of the weapon itself is reduced during night or dark missions but the perception is. The overwatch range relies only on the actual perception of the soldier in a mission (and not the weapon range). This value should be listed in the info screen of every soldier and should also be calculated with all changes to it, like night/dark missions and also Strongman (-20 perception!) or some of the armor parts that manipulate this.

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