Very short overwatch distance with Gungnir sniper rifle

I’m not entirely sure if this is bug or feature, but Gungnir sniper rifle has very short overwatch cone distance. And by very short I mean some 15 tiles, even though my snipers generally have 40+ perception. I prepared a savegamefile and screenshots that showcase this. There is soldier Maxmilian Steel who has 3 different sniper rifles in his ready slots. With Gungnir, the OW cone is short, with other two, you can cover almost the entire map. It is NOT merely a graphics problem, soldiers don’t react unless enemies step into the short Gungnir cone. Savegame file link here:

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Been wondering if this is a bug myself.

It sure looks like a bug, which I reported as one a while back. If it walks like a bug and talks like a bug, isn’t it a bug?

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I actually am having problems with getting overwatch to work at all. Return fire for me remains a lottery and an occasional nice suprise but overwatch, at least for me, on all weapons is a disappointing waste of action points.


I find Overwatch one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the game. If I can’t kill the target quickly, I withdraw out of LoS, set up an OW trap and let it come to me. Ever since I discovered how to alter the shape and width of the OW cone, I can now also use it with my Snipers to target a very particular enemy threat, and not waste it on the lesser Crabbies that used to trigger the shot.

Overwatch is an especially useful way of dealing with RF Crabbies, as (certainly the last time i used it, which is about a month ago now), it doesn’t seem to trigger RF.

Maybe except with assault rifles. :wink:

Though even they can help deal with CrabTrons.

But you’re right: I tend to use SR at long range and Gatling/Shotgun at short ranges, targeted on the sucker coming round the corner I’m hanging behind.

I have had to use a very crap form of skirmish tactics without reliable OW. Thing is when finally it does fire they shoot EXTREAMLY accuratly at the only possible object that would block the shot in the entire cone. Will have to look up how to tweak the cone. I knew it was possible but don’t know how. But I’ve had issues with RF and OW since the begining so it’s something i take into consideration for pandas but like i say its a pleasant suprise when one my guys RF/OW at something not two steps away.

Yea, until I learned how to adjust the cone, OW was a little too random I’ll admit.
But I find the cone adjustment really helps - it means that you can, for instance, target just the Chiron/Siren/Acid-toting Crabbie that you’re worried about and twonk it if it moves (as long as something else doesn’t cross its LoS first of course), and equally you can shorten or narrow the cone so that the annoying tree that will take the shot instead of the target isn’t in the cone when you fire.

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