Geoscape and Events system in BB4

I wonder if events will take some time in the final game? Because there are some event which have in the description information that you need to “wait” for example:

  • Synedrion’s council to make some decision
  • Dig through the rubble in exploration site
  • Search the abandoned military base or storage
  • Let your soldiers have a fun with local orgy…

Currently all of this is happening instantly after clicking one of the event’s options. It would be great to include some timer to such events.

Actually I wonder if all event’s should not take at least 1 hour. Even simple refuelling should take at least few minutes when you get to new location and that few minutes should be reserved automatically. Then player should decide if he want to take part in local event (so it should not show up automatically). If he/she decide to do so, then Geoscape UI should present to the player event’s options and estimated time to do such things.


Will manticore store be separated from base store? For example in some events we need to use some resources, so how it is possible we have them on Manicore? Our food teleports or we will be able to fit Manticore with some basic amount of resources?

Btw make some events more sensible. There are events which use resources, but sometimes resource usage is kind of strange, like reinforcing walls with… food?

feeding the people reinforcing the walls

So in other circumstances they don’t eat? :slight_smile:

naw, in other circumstances they eat the normal amount of food, but because of the extra abour they are eating more

But 50 food? When food factory will produce 8 food daily probably for 8 operatives (I wonder if base personnel will also consume this food) it makes 1 food unit an equivalent of full day provisions for 1 human. So 50 food for let say few hours of work for even fully staffed Manticore is way too much… those carrots and tomatoes had to be used in this wall reinforcement. :wink:

never said the amount was balanced. Though manual labour burns through a lot of calories. Up to several times the average intake of a person

Building a wall requires a decent amount of Hamberders.