[BB3] Geoscape strategy and statistics summary + [BB4] geoscape feedback

This is going to be long post, sorry about that… I wanted to sum up previous build after playing some sort of campaign. My goal was to discover all possible points on the map and get some statistics. It took me in in game time to 23 May 2047. This wasn’t speed play through, you can probably discover whole globe a lot faster, but I also wanted to defend havens and do scavenge sites so I sometimes waited for resources to gather to build something and move troops in right spot. Australia and Antarctica were not reachable. This is what I have discovered:

I definitely preferred having NJ bases near alien bases - because they offered highest rewards in materials - resource which I was lacking almost whole time.

Number of all POI: 284

  • Anu havens: 34
  • NJ havens: 44
  • Syn havens: 53
  • Independent havens: 103

from the above I had good standing with 68%

  • PP bases (except starting one): 7
  • scavenging sites: 43
  • Alien bases (discovered/eradicated): 22/20
  • Mist areas: 10

It is notable that Independent havens are more numerous than any particular faction. And with many havens I could interact - build (but maybe it was effect of good faction standing, as leaders of havens tend to adjust their attitude toward of the faction attitude)

Starting standing looks like random number between -50 and 50

Human population just before 3rd mist looks like that:

  • sum of all people living in havens: 1,907,651
  • Anu: 265,712
  • NJ: 366,701
  • Syn: 415,804
  • Independent: 859,434

I have built 2 radars and 31 refuelling stations.

Lost one haven to alien attack (it fell down really fast which surprised me and Manticore which was 2 waypoints away didn’t make it on time)

End resources:
Tech: 643
Materials: 1
Food: 1828

which I get from (tech/materials/food):
scavenge: 420/2100/840
defence: 275/988/554
daily increment: -/?/?

Lost soldiers: 3
Recruited soldiers: 14
Found soldiers: 9
Found Manticores: 2
Found Armadillos: 2

I almost didn’t produce anything except few magazines at the beginning. Also used only few of them (max maybe 20 and mostly assault rifle ammo). Also I have lost few weapons due to enemy gunfire, but didn’t tracked that after some point.

Found items count (I must say I was stunned by those numbers after making summary) and it was only from scavenge mission as I didn’t steal from havens:
Btw it was not possible to find any piece of armour, mech arms, missile launcher, medkit (but medkit charges yes) or PX pistol ammo.

weapon count ammo count
NJ pistol 39 NJ pistol ammo 176
NJ grenade 182
NJ Assault Rifle 35 NJ AR ammo 127
NJ Sniper Rifle 46 NJ SR ammo 114
NJ Machine Gun 36 NJ MG ammo 82
PX Grenade Launcher 14 PX GL ammo 78
NJ Defender 34 NJ Defender ammo 56
NJ Missile Launcher 0 NJ Missile 78
PX Shotgun 32 PX Shotgun ammo 40
medkit 0 med charge 55
PX grenade 52
PX pistol 48 PX pistol ammo 0
NJ turret 48
PX Stun Rod 26

So my storage space was quite extensively exploited… If I could sell / trade / or scramble almost all of that…

The most popular last name of haven leaders (only 28 distinct surnames):
Lynch (15)
The least popular:
Jackson (2)

My favourite haven names (not in any particular order):

  • Spartacus
  • Babylon
  • Nowhere
  • New Jericho
  • Legacy
  • Black Rock
  • Fort Escord
  • Hyper Mombasa
  • High Gollop
  • Sumer
  • Fort Freiheit (yes there is one) :wink:
  • Forty McForface (also here) :smiley:
  • New Athens

My favourite mottos also not in any specific order (I love there is Latin language and some other nice quotes, and I had to shortlist them):


  • Gaze at the Stars and Dream
  • Hail Anu
  • The Exalted Sees

New Jericho:

  • Dum Spiro Spero (While I breathe, I hope)
  • Putting Bullets In Monsters
  • Steel In Service Of Will
  • Veritas Omnia Vincit (Truth conquers all)


  • Charmingly Rational
  • Is That the Means of Production in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Us?
  • All Out Of Sausages, Try New Jericho
  • Fully Automated Luxury Anarcho-Communism
  • The Other Havens Have Better Mottoes
  • Placeholder Motto, Nobody Vote For This
  • Squid Pro Quo (remake of something for something, here squid for something)
  • We Definitely Have Free Lunch
  • Laugh At Death, Then Punch Him When He’s Not Expecting It
  • Oh Shit We Need A Motto?
  • Everyone Together Now: We’re All Individuals


  • Famous Last Words
  • In Memory Of The Great Flood of ‘31’
  • 90% Apocalypse-Proof
  • Be Nice Or GTFO
  • Si Deus Nobiscum Quis Contra Nos (If God be for us who can be against us)
  • Adaptable But Not Compliant
  • The Flower That Blossoms In Adversity Is The Most Rare And Beautiful
  • Honk if You Hate the Apocalypse
  • Think First, Talk Later
  • Small But Resillient
  • Best Vegan Food in the Postapocalypse
  • For Only $4.99 A Month You Can Enter Our Haven
  • Founded By A Guy Called Frank
  • The Happy Haven
  • It’s Not Much But We Have A Chess Club
  • We Were Strangers Until We Built A Home Together
  • Spiritus Intus Alit (Spirit within sustains)
  • Love What Was, Defend What Remains
  • Fearlessly Cautious

Enemies encountered:

alien ‘type’/equipment:

  • Crabmen brawler: 200 (most common variant was with normal head, without carapace and with heavy legs - 54)
  • Crabmen gunner: 146 (I hate them when fully armoured, but most common was variant with spitter head, without carapace and with heavy legs - 70)
  • Mind Fraggers: 128
  • Crabmen grenadiers: 126 (most common with spitter head, agile legs and without carapace - 34)
  • Crabmen tank: 101 (most common with spitter head, agile legs and without carapace - 39)
  • Mist sentinels (scavenge): 41

Also all sentinels were in numbers around 20 in alien bases attacks, but there I didn’t count enemies (objective often was fulfilled without killing most of aliens so counting was pointless)

by crabmen mutation (not equipment):

  • spitter head + w/o carapace + heavy legs: 154
  • spitter head + w/o carapace + agile legs: 87
  • normal head + w/o carapace + agile legs: 77
  • normal head + w/o carapace + heavy legs: 74
  • normal head + carapace + agile legs: 59
  • spitter head + carapace + heavy legs: 58
  • spitter head + carapace + agile legs: 51
  • normal head + carapace + heavy legs: 13

Now I wonder how it will look in new build. Starting to collect data… :wink:

Oh, that was previous build. Yeah, with no need to build refueling stations, now it’s radar stations all around. Materials still seems to be the limiting factor. I have a giant pile of tech, with little need for it.

I have 3 phoenix bases so far, but only one manticore, and it’s killing me. I’d like to at least have a second one to go pick up recruits and to eventually spread out defense coverage. One manticore is covering north AND south america, and that’s kind of a stretch when I’m at the wrong end.

I have given up collecting data after few “campaigns” where game prevented me from finalizing statistic. Few reasons:

  • freezes which corrupted savegames
  • lack of possibility to move ahead - I had resources but i couldn’t move further because of lack of friendly haven leading to next continent
  • lack of resources - similar to above but when I have run out of resources from scavenge sites, and I have removed “last” alien base (because it had annoying mutations and I hate crabmen grenadiers), I had to wait whole weeks to collect materials for new radar stations (20 days for one radar station) and in some point there was no more scavenge sites, and it seemed that above “last alien base” was really last one which was generated near my first base in first mist zone… I have waited until end of July running timelapse with fastest speed and nothing have happened in this first mist zone for over 2 months, and usually I keep some alien base to generate haven defence missions to have constant supply of resources (evil greedy me), but it wasn’t the case this time… So I get bored with this waiting for 200 materials to generate, to build next radar station just to discover some next few havens… and I had to wait almost next month to move further. And probably parallel to my waiting, there was genocide happening in second mist zone which, I must say, was quite big in summer 2047.

I wounder if devs will prevent above scenarios from happening. Crashes are a must, but those next issues may be solved by different travel mechanic (which was mentioned in some comments). Really 20 materials for emergency refuel in BB3 was definitely better than 200 materials for next radar station in BB4.

Next thing I wonder about is, if we would be able to prevent aliens from attacking our bases. They seem to remember location of our base once they discover it and launch attacks at them with regular intervals. Would we be able to prevent it somehow in final game? Will it make sense from lore and story perspective?