Gameplay direction questions

Firstly thanks to team for including backers in the feedback and development process, it really makes a consumer feel valued.

But back to the topic:

If possible it would be great to know what kind of Gameplay the team are aiming for. Do we see the soldiers as grunts who are disposable for the larger cause, or are we supposed to build relationships with these soldiers?

I know it’s Pre-alpha but these soldiers die with surprising ease, which would only be frustrating if I’ve spent a lot of time and resources buffing stats and assigning armour. Perhaps the crabmen are later game enemies, but it would be interesting to know whether the team want us to value individuals.

With previous games I put very little value on Rookies, but built firm relationships with some of my A-team. If you want a design challenge, make me care about Rookies! :grinning:

I also wanted to comment about the pace of gameplay. Currently my team can only crawl forward, incase I trigger 2 crabmen at a time. Now that overwatch requires will though, I often end a turn with more than half the TU’s left, because I want to keep the team close, and I have to balance overwatch and will. Currently regaining will takes all TU’s, and so it feels like a waste when I move someone into cover, and can’t Overwatch because of will, and can’t regain Will because of the short move into cover.

When faced with a superior threat, I always feel that the reason I win, is because of my superior tactics, and it’s gratifying as a gamer, to beat something that has an advantage. In all the Xcom games the enemy has always had a technological advantage, but I beat them through cooperation and tactics, and once the technological playing field is leveled, my team become unstoppable. I’d say this is a pretty standard gameplay mechanic, and wondered if this would also be the direction PP is heading.

Finally, from the lore, I get the impression that the virus wins through overwhelming the enemy, rather than tactics or firepower. This lends itself to the ammo feature, and the panic when you realise your mag is out of rounds serves the horror genre nicely. . . Like running away from Crysalids. Do the team envisage such a large number of enemies with firepower? I feel it is unbalanced when combined with a large number of enemies.

Anyway thanks for making it to the end. I appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in.