Game manual not found

After playing a while I wanted to look some things from the game manual if I had missed something. I can’t find it though; some say there should be manual in the game folder in PDF form but I can’t find it. Also there aren’t any manual in the game itself, just the Phoenixpedia (or what ever it is called) which doesn’t include hotkeys etc.

I remember that some of the backer builds had a pdf with them, though it was really minimalistic and only listed the buttons and that stuff.

In the EGS client, there should be an entry in your Library named “Phoenix Point Content”. Install it and have it create a desktop shortcut. Use the shortcut to access the folder that contains the PDF manual and wallpapers.

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Ah, it seems to install now. I tried to install it when I had installed PP itself on release day but just got some error. Now it seems to work fine, thanks! Gotta delve to that PDF file soon ^^

It downloads 400 MB and when launched opens a folder, but there is only some music in there, no pdf.

Tried to uninstall and reinstall, no change.

You can read a copy of the manual here:

It needs the main content to be downloaded before it’ll install the extras for some reason.

It could be better to just add the content to the main game’s download. The separate download makes it missable and unclear to the user in my opinion.