Full release date still on track?

I read somewhere earlier that the final fully finished game was to be released in December this year. However with the pre-alpha being delayed a month and seeing the state it’s in now it seems unlikely that the game will hold to that release date.

Are you still aiming for December or do you now think it will take longer to implement the campaign, bug fixes, home base, etc?

Release is currently planned for “Late 2018”, no fixed date has been set.
As I am not a dev however, I cannot comment on the progress with any aspect of game development, just that so far no major update to the release date has been made public.

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If there is no set date, then this thread necroamancy indeed has a purpose.
When some info appears, it can be posted here.

However, Backers Builds will tell it the best how close we are, since they are supposed to be
snapshots of current developement. It will come, when its ready.

I doubt end of 2018, as roadmap is being only established

as well as may 15 info is “pushed to june 2019”
PC gamer https://www.pcgamer.com/phoenix-point-delayed-to-2019/

Julians announcement of delay may 11th 2019