Freezes during Prisoner of Ice

The game freezes during the combat of Prisoner of Ice. I have successfully completed multiple other missions (Haven defenses) with no issues, but every time I attempt the Prisoner of Ice the game has frozen when I attempt to aim at an enemy (three times) or once when an enemy fired at me.

On my 5th attempt now I went to aim at an enemy with my tank class, and it’s frozen again. The music continues to play during each of these freezes.

I attempted to send an error report via F12 but that doesn’t appear to work.

Trying a 6th attempt before I give up. I aim at an enemy using the assault class, and the game freezes.

I loaded my save, and instead of attempting Prisoner of Ice, I went to try a different random mission. No issues with freezing when attempting to aim. It seems to be isolated to that one mission.

Once I am home from work, I will attempt a whole new playthrough and rush back to this mission to see if it does it again.

New game and it does the same for me on that mission. This is the second new game I started as it was freezing on aiming at the spawner in a nest. Can’t progress in the game without those missions being complete. Unless this gets fixed, I can’t play.

I didn’t get a chance to try the mission on a fresh game. But I attempted to beat it with the original save - I only used Overwatch, and the game froze on the enemy’s attempt to shoot.

It did something different. On the original save, I moved up my force. The assault saw an enemy so I clicked on Overwatch and stretch it towards them, and the screen froze. If I moved the curser over to another command on the command bar, the sounds would play as normal. If I selected another soldier, it would play their voice file but the screen remained frozen.

I’m getting the same on that mission. you just can’t complete it. Same happens in the nest. I finally finished that by doing the standard shoot and not try to manual aim. But i kept saving and reloading to do that. I really wish someone would fix this for us. I like most of the game and the aiming, when it doesnt freeze on you, is great. Much better then RNG. I read a post about the freezing and did all suggested. It still freezes.

The new patch loaded, so I attempted to play my save that begins at the start of the mission. Twice I moved up my assault unit. They saw an enemy. I clicked on Overwatch and the screen froze. If I moused over a command, the sound effects would play, but the screen remains frozen.

Yes if you get by one part without freezing, it freezes on the enemy turn. That mission is just bugged it seems.