Fog of war in BB5

Just as I started reading your post there I was thinking ‘it’d be pretty cool if it drifted over the battlefield’ it was like you read my future mind. :wink:

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There was talk about mist being present in missions take withint the “mist zone” on the world map. So far we haven’t seen anything of that sort.

I still hope that there are still a few things they have kept for release, and a more nuanced use of mist is one of them.


I’d be fine with knowing the terrain as you come in from above. Cool. But why can everything see everything? What’s the point of perception and stealth without some sort of fog of war radius around each character?

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That’s exactly the questions I ask myself from the beginning. It’s simply first simple thing to implement which could improve overall experience in tactical missions. The second one is getting rid of skills. I won’t even pretend I believe it happening, though. A big letdown and total disregard of X-com games on that matter.

I think the skills are good. Nothing like Feraxis X-com and the skills are closer to what the original xcom was. Using them in tactical ways.
But the fog of war thing is weird. Been getting artillery fired on during a lair mission. Which makes no sense. At all. Couldn’t see what was hitting me, couldn’t see an enemy. And some how he hit me while I couldn’t shoot back with anything. Restarting the mission but still awfully weird