First mission chiron

lel What are you smoking ?

Legend is supposed to be real difficult, I get that but … common xD

The Anu mission I presume? The Chiron’s no real threat just the worms.

I know that. It’s still potentially the first mission where you have 4 level 1 soldiers with no movement whatsoever.

I can’t recall running that mission and ever moving that much. It’s a lot smarter to let the worms come to you.

Of course it is. I am just saying that a 800 HP chiron spamming you with worms might be a little bit too much in that mission while you are fighting off the worms that are already on the map. Please try to keep in mind what level 1 soldiers with starter equipment look like.

I do not need a lecture on how to beat that mission. I did. I am giving feedback about how the first mission can be extremely difficult compared to everything else that comes in the next 2 weeks after that.

Once you know how to deal with these critters, it’s no sweat, but the very first encounter with one as a new player can grow hair on a golf ball, I’ll grant you that.

Shouldn’t be a brand new player though. If any brand new player decides to start on Legend, they deserve what’s coming to them.

Legend is supposed to be a proper challenge for players who know what they’re doing. That’s why they call it ‘Legendary’ :sunglasses:

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Perhaps not at legendary but at Normal/Easy the Chiron has clip ammo, that is worn throwing is limited not infinite.

It’s fine. Figured I can just climb/jetpack the steel beam on the left. Derp.