Faction Research Log

Each turn the game shows a quick line if a faction starts or finishes researching something. Often, this flies by unread or barely read and it is hard to keep track of. The game should have a notification log or a tab in the pedia that lists the research each faction has completed. This would make it easier to decide if or when to raid a haven or recruit someone.

Another assist would be to let the player know what research they will get from a raid (or at least a list of possible gains such as 3 of the following 6 items). Currently when raiding I know what I want but have no idea if it is even available. It is frustrating to raid and get an obsolete project or one I won’t use.


Put that up on the canny feedback tool.

you have log near clock


Lol thanks.

@Devs, a combat log would be nice addition to have maybe.

Thanks for that info! I never noticed it before and had not seen a reference on the forum. That will be helpful, but it only shows a couple days info, and it is mixed together with things like ammo and other production which I have less need to be reminded about. The log should cover a greater period if that is all that will be provided. I would prefer a tab in the phoenixopedia for each faction that would be easier to search.

As a non-expert player, f it was not for other players providing help/hints/tips on the forum I probably would have quit the game a while ago.

You can scroll it to the beginning of campaign.

I would also be glad for such thing. Maybe not in phoenixpedia but on Research screen under faction tabs.

The event log, the filter in the inventory, all these are inconspicuous but important things.

Probably it’s worth creating a topic and collecting them there to improve the Tutorial.