Question about "Resourceful" perk

My heavy has “Resourceful” perk, 18 strength, on Personnel tab his max encumbrance is 25. But on tactical field only 22.

What’s the perk carry bonus again, 20 or 25%? I can’t look because the patch is downloading.

With a 25% bonus it would only be 22.5 which I presume would be rounded down.

Edit: I checked and same result. A character with 18str and the perk shows 25 in the tab but not in the field.

Resourceful: +25% Carry Capacity and +2 Strength

The game doesn’t seem to be adding the +2 strength in the field
18+25%=22.5 (Rounded down would be 22)
(18+25%)+2=24.5 (Doesn’t seem like a sensical way to do it)
(18+2)+25%=25 (Matches the tab and makes sense)

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I checked it with an assault. Started at 20 strength while on the global layer, took resourceful as a perk.
In the combat screen Encumbrance shows 14/25. Other assault without the perk show 14/20.
So i would guess it’s a bug for certain classes.

At 20 str you should be showing 27 in the field with it. (20+2)+25%=27.5 Your guy was 2 points short as well.

I has also noticed it, but not that it was constant, it’s just because I noticed only when reaching max.

Sorry, i have not found that thread. It is strange that it has not fixed yet.

After DLC “resourceful” still does not fixed.