Endgame screen "Time Played" Wildly Incorrect


I’ve finally finished the game. It took me ages since I chose Hero difficulty and didn’t want to raid human settlements. But that’s just context for the bug.

So, I received the endgame statistics screens. These prominently show “Time Played” metric. Mine showed 22 hours and change.

The problem is, this is completely impossible. I’ve only restarted once very early, and slogged through a single long campaign until completion. And the long playtime is not just my subjective “feeling”. The Epic counter of playtime shows 9 days 5 hours (about 220 hours). The same endgame screen shows that I’ve played 120 tactical missions (if this all were true, that would mean, if all geoscape actions were instant and I’d spent zero time there, each mission took me only 11 minutes at most). I also maxed out most research, captured an entire complement of Ancients sites and made multiples of every Ancient weapon, finished off the Pure, did 3 independents missions, built three full squads (two were all level 7, one 4-7), and long since maxed out diplomatic relations with all factions simultaneously.

Considering how tedious the game could be throughout similar missions, this is an annoying issue, even though it has no bearing on real gameplay.