Empty Globe after all first missions

This is my first time playing the game on my brand new machine. I’ve just purchased it on Steam.

I can only play one mission after finishing the tutorial. After that, when the mission is over and I’m returned to the globe, it’s stuck on an empty part of the globe. I can’t turn it or rotate it. I can’t bring up the menu either.

So far I’ve reinstalled the game twice, started multiple campaigns.

I’ve about halfway made my mind to file for a refund but I’d like to get to play the game. I’ve played it at a friend’s place a few weeks ago and I liked it there.

Please help.

First, I think you didn’t finished the tutorial. After the first mission, a scavenging site, you have to fly back to your base, research the “Atmospheric Analysis” and after that produce one MediKit. Then the tutorial is really over.
See here for more details about the tutorial: https://forums.snapshotgames.com/t/personal-feedback-of-the-new-tutoral-v1-9-polaris-spoiler

But, as far as I know, you should be able to rotate the geoscape and also bring up the menu, at least the main game menu. This sounds like a bug and you should report it in game with F10.

You could start a game without the tutorial activated to see if anything else is running correctly.