Dual class soldiers shouldn't access all available perks

At the moment if you dual class a soldier you get access to a full set of perks from both the old and new classes for that solider.

In effect an assault > heavy is the the same as a heavy > assault.

I’d rather see a system where when you dual class, you can then only access perks from the new class for that solider and/or you only get access to the perks of the new class from the point where you made the decision to switch.

For example.

An assault reaches level 4, decides to dual class into a heavy, they’ll now have access to heavy perks at levels 5, 6 and 7, not to earlier perks for that class. They’ll also lose access to assault perks at levels 5, 6, and 7.

A second assault has a nice couple of perks at levels 5 and 6, but their level 7 perk isn’t going to be so useful, so they wait until level 6 to dual class. They’ll only get access to a level 7 heavy perk, and only lose access to the level 7 assault perk.

Doing things this way would give player choice over how and when to switch class, and help to make each type of dual class solider different to one another.

Actually, all perc system should be rebalansed, because it is overpowered now. But also it’s very limited and bugged. So first I prefer to be sure, that bugs will be fixed before total nerfing of perc system. Other way it would be very funny to staying alive on opened map between 40 tritons with Pifagores.

How about 1-2 special perks (maybe 1 common and 1 high lvl) ONLY for the dual-class? That would make every class unique!

I was thinking the same but many of these abilities are going to be change I would think, like that dash soldier ability, there is no way they are gonna leave it as it is and others dont really do much cause stealth mechanics are not in bb5. So, its hard to know what to do tell then I think.

2 random ability choices are interesting for dual class’s, for what you pay I honestly would be happy with just the weapon skills of that class and given a random skill from that class, rarely gaining access to a much higher level skill or something of that nature would be kinda neat.

Stealth is in BB5

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Yes, I totally agree. Let’s strip away MORE player choice, more customization, and pigeonhole people into one choice.

Seems legit.

Actually disagree.

The system is somewhat “broken” at the moment…imagine a recruit who starts as assault yet his “bonus” skills are increased carrying capacity, plus accuracy with heavy and 25% stealth bonus. A wonderful combo.

Full control at least allows us to turn him/her into something “functional”

I agree this is wonderful combo. :slight_smile: You can then equip that assault with heavy armor and guns and still hope for a long shot while staying invisible. :slight_smile:

I think that’s by design rather than broken.

I know that you’re just giving one example, but that does sound like a guy to make into a heavy, no matter how many additional perks they will get.

Overall though, I like that not every solider is going to get an optimal set of perks. If some solider’s perks align better than others then when a solider does turn up with everything you’d want that soldier is going to be pretty precious, they’ll be your A team. For the rest, if they’re sub optimal, then you’re challenged to find different ways to make use of them.

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Or you (I) would spend few hours for save-load scummin’, to get 5 fulstacked A-teams :blush:

If I am correct I had an assault soldier with perks for silenced and heavy weapons :smiley:

I already do this lol. When I start a new game I take a look at my soldiers. If their secondaries aren’t at least decent, I start a new game. That’s an inherent flaw in the system, and it needs to be changed.

Oh it isn’t priority, first you should be started in Europe, for getting soldiers with best abilities you have easier way. Well, first you should have enough resources but it isn’t a problem :slight_smile: Second, I noticed that at the factions base a new soldier appears immediately after bought, if you make S/L :wink: