Does tanking have a place in PP?

So I was looking at the wiki and I noticed a new piece of equipment that wasn’t in the game on my last campaign: the combat shield, boasting an impressive 200 HP and 60 armor. Have any players used these and made good use of them or found them to not be practical in some way? I’d love to read your thoughts on this particular piece of equipment. But also got me thinking about a different but related question: does tanking have a place in PP? “Tanking” in this case not just meaning good defense but specifically a character that can absorb a lot of damage that goes to a forward position to attract all the fire, keeping it off of the other soldiers. The vehicles and mutogs seem ideal for this but I never made use of them in my prior campaign. They just didn’t seem quite good enough to justify not taking multiple soldiers in their place. Maybe you could leave mutogs at PP bases specifically for base defense but otherwise I don’t see much use for vehicles/mutogs. So what about PP soldiers as tanks? This wouldn’t necessarily be the only application of a combat shield, but the first thing that pops into my head is a soldier in full Anvil armor kit, a blast resist module, and a combat shield. Is there is a justification for this sort of role versus just having more firepower and manuever? Thoughts?

No healing - no tanking.
200 health and 60 armor are impressive, but sniper rifle or explosives are even more impressive.
It looks like the best tank is the spider drone.

Shield is excellent for tanking ranged direct attacks. Arthrons, Tritons and most of human soldiers will have hard time to get through that shield, and AI is not smart enough to think about flanking a deployed shield. Other Pandorans do not pay attention to it as they have attacks overcoming shield.

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