Shields should impair mobility

I mean seriously a crabman with a rifle and a shield has got not weaknesses. It’s agile, protected and returns fire with deadly precision. Imho, the shields should impair the mobility of both soldiers and crabmen to offset the increased defenses.

I believe it sort of does. They have an action that deploys the shield and locks it facing one direction from what I’ve heard.

I haven’t had a chance to play yet until tonight though so I’ll have a look then

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Maybe it should decrease accuracy

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I don’t think accuracy will be a visible parameter in phoenix point.

I meant the Yellow and Red circles bigger than it should be

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Judging by how bulky the shield looks, it should reduce the max move range. For crabmen, it may be implemented as being incompatible with agile legs and for friendlies(if combat shield items will be available), it could require powered armour to use.


The weakness is more of a tradeoff as I see it. More protection but less guns.

Also, like in Xenonauts, I’d LOVE to see shields beeing implemented for the player. Not just as mutation, but an equipable, researchable, portable piece of cover. It made for some cool tactics and formations in xenonauts and might do the same thing here. Furthermore it gives creedence to one handed weapons like pistols, as these are likely to be paired with a shield.

But yeah, a weight factor could be reasonable to keep in mind if balance is off. (Also: when the shield brakes you’d have more TU for movement to GTFO.)

What do you guys think?


If only soldiers could pick up crabmens’ shields then you will have your solution:) But it would be very nice to have shields to produce! They would be heavy, reducing both moving range and weapon use but could save some lives, especially in early game when soldiers are fragile and have lacking armors.

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Crabman shields look like they are part of their body.