Dash & Jet Jump does not trigger Will Fonts

I will preface in saying I don’t know what to call the white fonts, other than Will Fonts since they replenish your Will…

For the issue, when using Dash or Jet Jump, and then selecting the target location to move into the Will Font does not trigger the replenishment. The character has to make an additional move for it to trigger correctly.

I don’t know if it is because: 1) It is not a move, but an ability use, or 2) The movement indicator selection for the ability

It’s likely a balance thing. otherwise you could use dash to get more dash and get a very unbalanced feedback loop where all your soldiers can flash their way across the map.

I don’t know for sure. I don’t own the game yet. But that’s what I’d expect based on other posts.

Pretty sure jet jump triggers it and I know dash doesnt.

@WaldoTheRanger I’m not sure it is a balance choice, seems more like a bug. If Jet Jump works (as @Larbo confirmed, maybe I was confused since they use the same overlay), then both Abilities and Movement should trigger the Will Fonts.

Now if certain abilities are NOT meant to trigger Will Fonts (in which case not a bug), I think descriptors in the ability should let the user know that Ability ‘X’ does not trigger Will Fonts, etc. Some abilities use Will and Action Points, so it’s a waste of a turn if the ability is not meant to trigger Will Fonts.

Now Im confused. Cause I noticed yesterday that in fact I didnt trigger the will bonus when junping to a white zone. But the day before I had a mission where all my heavy was doing was to jump from spot to spot once a turn and in that mission I was sure it triggered as I landed. Wierd.