Config files sooner rather than later

When testing mechanics for games not widely distributed and in alpha state there can be a tendency to balance with feedback from a very narrow margin of player types which can result in punishing design, the best counter that enables a close relationship with mavens to continue but also without marginalizing players on the periphery of play styles is to simply load your game data (stats/effects/actions etc) from json/xml files in the Unity /Resources folder, everybody wins. :slight_smile: People can then share recipes and you can get tangible feedback on easily templated designs, rather than reactive opinions on mechanics that might not match the actual effect of the configuration change. (ie; all of steam forums + ‘git gud’)

Case in point, I’m terrible at games and I’m moderately miserly with time and pleasure ratios so I like to maximize it where possible, if I feel a mechanic is OP I’ll simply modify it to suit my particular style (big lazy turtleperson, thanks for asking), If this wasn’t possible i’d simply stop playing that game. BattleTech, for example, I wouldn’t bother playing if you couldn’t modify the json files with ridiculous ease, because they provide no difficulty settings and it was balanced for crazy rubber people who don’t shave yet (and who are amazing at games, clearly). :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see them releasing those files anytime soon. If people were able to mod the stats of the game to suit their own tastes it would seem to undermine the balance testing of the main game itself.

What…the…heck…is a rubber peson?? :rofl: