Complicated systems, little interaction

I have been thinking about the game, ever since I stopped playing, and I think my singular biggest design complain is lack of system interaction - any good systemic game needs systems to interact with each other, creating predictable, and unexpected results and allowing for player expression. That is part of UFO that Firaxis remake ditched almost entirely, in favour of more gamey/controlled experience, and that is the part which made UFO such a replayable classic.

What most disappointed me with PP, is that in spite of complicated mechanics (inventory system, ballistic system) I can’t say I have seen the game provide more interaction then FiraXCOM. Ballistic system alone, is something the entire game could be built around, and I don’t think that is the case. Sure, bullets are traced, but I didn’t see much when it comes to interesting decisions to make or interactions. There are nice things about this system, like individual bullets being accounted for, but other then that, the game seems to be, for the most part, designed with the same depth of interaction as FiraXCOM - bullets are fired at enemies and if they hit - they do damage. There is quite a bit more nuance in calculation - which is both a blessing and a curse. The individual part system didn’t impress me either, and I found FiraXCOMs (or at least LongWars) implimentation of skills like suppression, flashbangs etc. to be a more effective decisionmaking process, then what body part to shoot.

What I have been also missing, is a choice of items that would allow us to expand our tactical capabilities. Where are shields or deployable covers? Smoke granades? Items to allow traversal, beyond jetpack (you could have stuff like grappling hook, to allow characters to create their own climbing spots, as building are limited when it comes to enterances)? Breaching charges, mines. With flexible inventory system, there is so much once could do, to take full advantage of game’s systems. Perhaps, there is some stuff like that down the line, but playing for 10+ hours and not expanding my tactical capibilities, isn’t an encouraging start.

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