Changing Soldier Order

I’m curious if anyone has found a way to re-arrange the order in which your units are deployed. One mission my sniper is the 1st character to act and then next drop it’s the Heavy. I do have some characters with the same speed/initiative rateing so I can see how that would be a determining factor but it isn’t stated anywhere I’m able to find.
Bases sort the troops by location which is fine, but during drops it’d be great to have the same squad in the same order.
Hell I’ll even be happy if someone gives me a long and convoluted way to do it… I just want it done =/ .

Thanks PxP community!


What do mean? PP plays in you vs enemy team turns. There is no individual initiative. Your units can move in any order you wish.

Right! I probably wasn’t explaining it correctly…

When combat starts all of your portraits for your troops are located in the lower-left corner of the UI. That determines the ‘default’ order they go in since it’s just left to right. I can absolutely play any soldier in any order… but the ‘default’ changes every drop.
I wanted to know if there was a way I can specify the order ahead of time (Ex: Heavy moves first cause he’s in the first slot, Sniper moves next so she’s in the second spot, etc.).
In Xcom the turn-order depending on where the person was standing in the pre-launch screen, I can’t find a similar feature in PxP

It’s such a minor thing to have but simply going to the next person in a line-up I’ve made is quicker and more efficient then clicking portraits and then moving the units. If they were in order I can just click - Space Bar, click - Space Bar through the lineup

Ahh this has been a minor peeve of mine… it just seems random.

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This is driving me nuts since day one… I can’t see a patron. The order seems totally random.

One would at least hope it followed the order the units were placed on the aircraft.