Cause(s) of Mutation?

I know that the latest trailer heavily promoted the fact that aliens (humans too?) will mutate and adapt to conditions.

But has there been any information on WHAT will affect said mutations? If I use grenades heavily, will that result in grenade type aliens or aliens with defenses against grenades? If I use snipers…etc…etc.

What will affect human mutation(s)? Can research lead to controlled mutation(s)?

it has been heavily hinted that what kills the monsters will cause them to try to mutate to defeat that threat.

No idea what will affect human mutations or how much control there will be. Presumably a significant portion of the Anu tech tree will be about controlling the mutations

From what was said is that the game will track on how effective certain mutation are - if the game detects that you deal really well, with certain type of enemy it will mutate it - the mutation is random, so you won’t be able to manipulate it intentionally into some kind of direction.

If game finds certain enemy mutation effective they will make more of those.

I believe the “player mutation” mostly refers to change the tactics - you make have you change equipement and strategies you use to adapt to new threat. As mentioned before upgrades offeret by Anu are supposed to be about embracing the alien mutation.

No concrete info yet, but I guess if a player’s base gets overrun by the mist, or if a soldier gets hit by certain attacks, it will be a PV carrier. I say it would be a wise design choice to get the player to decide if they take the soldier back to the base, or just leave it to his/her luck

Almost for sure, since Anu is all about getting their soldiers mutated. There was a GIF showing a NJ sniper with something like octopus tentacles.

It’d be nice if you could research and control mutations, but in doing so you always had a possibility that things might go drastically wrong.