Cannot find any Pandoran bases

I am close to pulling the trigger on the endgame. However, I was hoping to get all 3 factions’ final research options. But poor Synedrion is down to 2 bases and their moon rocket launch pad is 108+ days away. In the meantime I am getting base attacks at least every 24 hours while I wait… While I have the research to scan for Pandoran bases, I having trouble finding where to re-scan. My geoscape scan map is so green everywhere I can’t remember where I last scanned, or where the gaps may be in my scans.

The “green” scan markers should decay over time. Or the player should be able to selectively decay them. Early in the game all havens have the ability to reveal Pandoran bases if their haven attacks are successfully defended. Late in the game New Jericho seems to have new and improved satellites. The tool-tip for them say “A satellite upllink will double the influence range of the haven and detect Pandoran bases”. This begs a couple of questions:

  1. Why doesn’t a successful base defenses reveal Pandoran bases the same way a successful haven defenses does? Which is the case even early in the game.

  2. Why isn’t the research for New Jericho satellite uplinks shared if one is allied with them? At least let us upgrade our satellite uplinks to match their capability.

I will amend my earlier comment. When you have the correct research and do a scan, if there is an enemy base in the area it will show up as a new location. I recently found this happening once I cleared out most of the normal unknown locations.

But I still think an enemy base located in this manner should show up as an actual base, not a new location. I guess I understand it from the perspective of the research allows you to find detect something that was previously hidden as opposed to the scan being able to specifically identify what is an enemy base. But I would still prefer that the bases show up as bases and not need to be investigated.