Cannot find any Pandoran bases

Yes Lairs/Citadels don’t seem have any link with PP bases attacks. Only Havens defenses are linked.

I have the same problem. My base was under constant attack. The base has fallen but the game goes on. In my research I have developed a citadel, scanned the entire globe and not a single enemy base. Nothing, zero.
Despite this, my main base was spammed by attacks.
The game remained unplayable. I could not complete the tasks = game over.

PC version from Xbox Game Pass.

Curious what difficulty level? At Legend I got nothing… If it doesn’t happen later. I got a base attack rather soon and even of init base, but nothing else yet, one base not found yet.

Yes: cannot detenct any of the three. Like I said, I skip haven defence missions due to the spike in Pandoran force strenght and was scanning around everywhere to find the Pandoran bases from where the attacks were coming but didnt find any.

All three research have been completed a long long time ago, that does not help

My guess is on bug assuming that the bases should be detected by a scan if research is done for them

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Im record short video form game showing problem with mission “destroy a Pandorian Citadel” without Citadel on globe.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong? What should I do to continue playing?
What should I do to continue playing?

First point your scans cannot reveal alien bases, you need capture a Scylla (and perhaps a Siren) to get the research allowing it. So all those scans was pointless. Before to do this research your only chance to reveal an enemy base is to defend a Haven then it is revealed, and it’s not defending PP base that will do it.

If you refuse defend any Haven I think the game is lost, or your last chance is be ready of a Scylla capture, I see two main ways for this capture:

  • Simpler, ensure have Synderion neural SR doing paralize damages.
  • Tougher, have all team ready to use the close range paralyze tool, and use it multiple time in one turn. A Priest control could allow make it easier: Control, move Scylla at right spot, uncontrol, all team paralyze Scylla.

How spawn a scylla:

  • You can’t yet scan to find citadels so forget it. If you do it anyway, take care that in Citadels paralyze the Scylla doesn’t stop the mission, you need paralyze it and kill or paralyze all aliens.
  • So you need have a Scylla spawned during a Haven defense, or one on the many locations not yet explored, for example during a scavenging. You can also try the main missions, but I think it’s rare a Scylla spawn in those missions.

You let destroy so many Haven that you make the task much harder. If you can capture a Scylla, I would suggest:

  • Rush main missions (yellow quests at left), forget your base until there’s only one left. Or if you can setup a second team to defend a last base then do it, but I have doubt it looks too late.
  • But don’t bother on finding more PP base, perhaps a bug. If you want check, click on scan button at bottom to the left, then check all globe to find parts never scanned.
  • Two captures are mandatory, Siren and Scylla, to open research that are required.
  • Don’t bother defend your bases, until one left it should be fine.
  • In case you lost living center up to not sustain 9 soldiers I doubt it will remove a soldier from your team, it’s only you won’t be able recruit any but you aren’t anymore in a position to do it.
  • If you are fast enough you’ll reach PP end before lost all 3 bases.
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If I remember correctly, one of the Factions has research that reveals Pandoran bases during scans. However, they don’t directly reveal as a base, but need to be explored to reveal.

I think it’s more a PP rsearch, but it’s not Scylla capture, it should be Citadel destruction, it’s one or the other.

Wot Zzzz says in the long post above this.

This is what you’re doing wrong. Didn’t know about the Scylla Research (I’m mid-vivisection right now), but without it you can only discover a Panda spawning ground by successfully defending a Haven - I assume you’re deemed to have tracked any surviving Nasties back to their den.

I have had all 3 base types researched a long time ago - this is not the issue

I thought the game works like this:

  1. You discover a base automatically when defending a haven (if not yet discovered)
  2. Base is discovered via scan if appropriate research has been done (isnt this what the research text says?)

Meaning that the player should be able to fly around the globe and detect new bases before they launch their first attacks and thus prevent a haven invasion in the first place: we see the mist encroaching on the coastline so given the tech is done, and we scan for a base that is almost clearance there at this point why would we be able to detect it?

If bases can only be detected when haven is defended, that makes the scan and Panda base research useless and also makes the information meaningless on how and when these are created - I am pretty sure this is a bug

It’s the Pandoran Citadel research that provides scanning for Pandoran bases.

It does work with the proper research done (Pandoran Citadel). However the new scan only shows the discovered base as “?” and it must be explored to reveal the base.

Edit: Once you have the research done to scan for Pandoran colonies and you don’t/can’t defend Pandoran attacks on havens – scan the area at this haven and you should be able to find the source of the attacks. The higher the attack strength is tends to be tied to the level of the colony (Nest/Lair/Citadel).

There are no new points of interest and everything has been explored - never discovered a base via exploring POI. Also note that all POI got revealed after became freinds with the second or third faction. Not sure this was intended but might be connected to the behaviour

I am not sure the lairs show up even as the exploration circles even with the correct research and scanning. Had attacks against havens occurring fairly close together in South America. I dropped 3 scans with the improved scanning area research which covered everything in the northern half of the continent and nearly up to Mexico area. I don’t remember any new locations being revealed. After the third haven defense the lair finally showed up and it would have been in the area of two of the scans.

At the very least they should make the enemy bases show up as bases instead of locations if found by a scan.

Also, very late in the game, at the point where we are building a rocket pad. I saw two or three nests early on and two citadels. Since then all I have run across are lairs. I have killed so many lairs that I am close to 100% faction with all three groups and I am at about 10% delirium index. Something seems very weird in that I don’t seem to be seeing any citadels or nests.

There’s perhaps a bug, but also it’s very difficult to scan a second time the whole world, and visual indicator showing areas already scanned will hardly be useful for a second world scanning, and then forgot a small border is quite possible.

A player suggested that time to attack base hints the range where the enemy base is, I’d say you should stick to that for scanning.

In my current play last attack was 15h it’s a bit big so it doesn’t help much, but 8/9H isn’t a so huge range.

I’ve gotten to a point in my current campaign where I am doing nothing but PP Base defense and searching for the Pandoran colonies spawning these attacks. I don’t have the time/resources to push ahead with the progress of the campaign. May have to say good-bye to some of my bases so I can progress the storyline.

Yes, if we (can) ignore the difficulty spike this is a simple way of garnering pisitive attitued from the factions (done that till the spike hit)

Ideally, there should be way less bases I think both for balance and reduction of repetition sake

  1. When Haven attacked, indicate that there is a base closeby like mentioned above even if withouth range)
  2. Show up ANY Panda base as a POI when scanned even if it did not invade a haven yet (this does not seme to be the case yet)
  3. DO NOT reveale the Panda base after a successful haven defense mission (this would redcue the number of base missions by increasing the detection time consdierably)

Once bases are truly detected and can be detected preemtaviley, the amount of haven defense missions also decrease automatically

Less bases would mean poor world covering, and lost one or two bases would be a drama. But yes there’s a problem with the number of bases and bases buildings, it comes from too many buildings with global effects, but change it is a complex change.

Haven defense again aliens are the only good combats properly designed until maps become (ridiculously) tiny. Lairs and Citadels are crap, no need of more of them until they are widely fixed and with much better map diversity.

The Panda would still have the same amount of bases, it would just take more time on average to detect these as they are not automaticaly revealed. If player chooses to hunt form them before they grow and even stage their first attack, is up to them but is resource intensive and tohse resources are wasted if nothing is found (but then there should be nothing there :))

New alien bases are constantly created, in that context I don’t understand your comment. If you don’t destroy alien bases you’ll get more and more or at least more and at max level and with longer range, you’ll get harassed. Haven defense reward is also avoid a scan I see no point to remove it.

Increase scan gameplay would need a much better UI.