Can future Umbra enemies be identified?

Is there a way to know which enemies once killed will become Umbras ? As it stands, Umbras make close combat very very unappealing. What’s the point of coming in close to kill an enemy if you’re gonna get killed by an Arthron Umbra right after ? It will get 3 melee attacks that will kill almost any soldier?

Either make them spawn and attack only once or spawn, be immune to damage the first round, and then act like now.

EDIT: I see the “TAR SHADOW” entry in the info page… But I still think the mechanics should be tweaked.


They are Arthron Umbra before you kill them, so you just have to be careful which Arthrons you stand next to after killing them …

Also …

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There are Triton Umbras as well. I think a dev said they should be a purple breath for them prior to their death, but I am not seeing that. The only way to know for sure is to Info the Arthrons and Tritons before killing them (though I got surprised by killing a charging one with Overwatch). Two methods of dealing with them is fire (incendiary grenade or fllamethrower prior to death), or paralyzing them instead of killing them.

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I think a visual indicator (maybe small or something easily missed if not careful) would be better, just so you know when you want to charge. It’s at least ok that you see this in the “info” screen.