Buy now, play on Xbox later?

I would love to back this now and have it for Xbox later. Is the buy now version PC only?

If you use Windows/Office, you anyway pay it to the same company :slight_smile:

Planned platforms are Win, Lin, Xbox One, MacOS X (I wish it was MacOS Classic)

If you have Xbox without One, too bad. You can try it on Linux on PC for best performance.

I guess what I’m asking is the purchase option for pc only or if I buy it now I will also have to buy it again for the xbox?

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Currently the pre-order is only for PC/Mac

To add to @UnstableVoltage’s official reply, if you buy it on the Microsoft Store (I believe it’ll be available there later), that would mean you can play it on your XBOne and Win10 too, due to the UWP-platform both using.

Unless there is a technical/legal limitation which I have forgotten about PP.

(And if I’m wrong, UV will correct me :wink: )

So this will be playanywhere? That would be sweet. I buy play anywhere games just to support it on principle alone.

in so far as the device you are playing it on is using a Windows/Mac/Linux OS.

(I’m holding out hope for a Switch version in the future)

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I have never heard of “pay one version” get it all. For example, Windows and Linux versions are two distinct products even they do share same hardware.

Interesting way M$ tries to interconnected Windows and Console gaming.

Is that streaming XBox version to PC (Win10 Xbox utils) or real separate versions of game (not in PP; in general)

Meh, I acknowledge only Flight Simulator, Natural Keyboard and nice mouse as real M$ products. Rest are often based on acquiring someone elses work (Mac GUI, Dirty DOS, NT Kernel …) or pushing M$ only standards for no real reason (DOCX, WMW, WMA …) instead of supporting most avail or FLOSS solutions.

Most obvious pieces of junk are M$ Defrag, M$ Notepad, M$ IE and M$ Cleaner, all important small pieces, kind of similar by bad feats in Windows 3.00 and Windows 10. And BSOD is still there, just got a smiley upgrade! (does it happen on XBox?)

If you buy a game on Steam/GoG, you can (usually) play it on all of the available platforms (usually Win/Linux/OSX) without paying more than once, and I don’t think PP will be different in this.

No and No (sometimes).

You make the game on the UWP “platform” (more or less APIs, ) and it can potentially run on both XBOne and Win10 “natively” (as natively as using the platform can be called that).

You may still need to make something different depending on your app/game, 'cos the XBOne is not a PC with a controller (though it’s not that far from it), but you are able (in theory, harder for complex/bigger projects) make “one version” and let it run on both PC and XBOne.

With MS “funding” the console version (was that the official wording? can’t remember), I would bet on them using UWP to make it more popular, although I don’t like it, I don’t have a console to get all the benefit it provides, and when I had to use MS-store it kind of “worked”.

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That is a shop feature, not a product thing. And not all titles can really do it, since they dont exist in all 3+ flavors.

Usually, versions for different OS/console is a different product, like I own Enemy Within for Windows and PS3, but paid twice.

So you are telling me when I install Steam"OS" in Linux I will be able to continue all my games?
Whoooaa, Windows you are done for gaming :slight_smile:

Ehh, “Universal Windows platform”. I would love to see MacOS X for all x64 instead.

It’s a shop’s feature for games which are available on multiple platforms, making it a “product thing” too, because the shop in itself will not make the game multi-platform even if it gives the possibility of buying the game once then playing on every supported OS.

If that game supports Linux and it’s possible to transfer saves between win and linux, then yes. But not all games are multi-OS, that’s why I said “available”. Though Steam Proton tries to change it, it’s not perfect.

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